Yumeno Yua / ユメのユア


  • Birthday: March 27
  • Age: Unknown
  • Joined: 31 May 2015
  • Current Groups: GANG PARADE, SAiNT SEX
  • Lyrics Written: Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky, WE ARE the IDOL, sugar, don’t forget me not, BOND, 夜暗い夢
  • Songs Composed: Futsuu no Nichijou
  • “Stray Sheep” Member
  • Member Colour: Pink

She got into music after listening to flumpool. For idols, the first she saw was Dempagumi.inc and from there she’s always loved idols. She was a part of a band that performed at the school cultural festival, as vocalist and guitarist. She also has some DJ experience.

She would love to meet Mitz Mangrove and Matsuko Deluxe one day – they are both cross dressing, gay TV personalities.

In earlier interviews, during POP, she was open about how she has struggled with her mental health and how reading replies from fans on Twitter has helped her greatly. She also admits there are many times were she thought about dying.

Yua joined 31 May 2015 while the group was still performing as POP.

She composed the song Futsuu no Nichijou / 普通の日常. This is the first time a WACK girl has composed a song for any group.

She is also a member of the WACK collaboration group SAiNT SEX.

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