WACK Audition 2019 Rules

General Rules:

  • All candidates are set at 18 years old
  • Fundamentally, points will be added and deducted
  • All meals must be eaten within the time limit
  • Everyone will wear a tail. If someone takes yours, it reduces your points. If you take someone else’s tail, it increases your points
  • Every morning there will be a 5km marathon, points from the rankings will be added
  • You will be split into teams and given a song and dance to practice. Points can also be earned this way

Votes are also taken into account for each girl to determine their final rankings. Votes are cast through the following ways:

  • NicoNico viewers can vote for their favourite girl
  • The staff at the training camp also cast a collective vote for who they would least like to work with
  • Votes can also be cast at the WACK SHOP – a new rule was also applied here that allows the girl who comes out in 1st place from this vote gets immunity for the next day

The same also applies for WAgg members. If one of them is eliminated, they will still remain in WACK, but they will not be promoted into any of the other groups.

Every day the candidates that are due to be eliminated are announced. These girls then have a second chance to comeback through various tasks set by Watanabe. These tasks take place the next morning and whoever comes out on top is back in the competition.