WACK Audition 2019 – Day 7 & WACK EXHiBiTiON

The day started with those up for elimination’s last attempt at survival in the competition. The results of the squats were as follows:

  • DonDon / ドンドン (153 squats)
  • Taiyou no Lion / 太陽ノライオン (135 squats)
  • Mui Ga Dockson / ムイ・ガ・ドクソン (114 squats)

Having squatted the most squats, DonDon returns to the competition.


The morning marathon began as usual, for the final time, the results were as follows:

  2. Muropanako / ムロパナコ
  4. Naruhaworld / ナルハワールド
  5. Yamamachi Miki / ヤママチミキ
  6. Ayuni D / アユニ・D
  7. Uruu Ru / ウルウ・ル
  8. Terayama Yufu / テラヤマユフ
  9. Paruna Pa Chiiiin / パルナ・パッ・チーン
  10. DonDon / ドンドン

Cent Chihiro no Imouto retired before finishing the race. Anzupia tripped and fell just after the start line, so retired just as the race began.

The WACK EXHiBiTiON started in the afternoon.

Due to coming last in the WACK Members point system, Anzupia had her name changed to A Anzupia / ア・アンズピア

BiSH: No changes
EMPiRE: Terayama Yufu / テラヤマユフ to join the group on April 21st at the NEW EMPiRE TOUR Fukuoka DRUM SON
BiS: No changes
GANG PARADE: Naruhaworld (WAgg) promoted into the group and will make her debut May 29th
WAgg: Cent Chihiro no Imouto. When she will debut has yet to be decided

PEDRO: It was announced that Ayuni D’s solo project, PEDRO, will be signed to EMI Records (a subsidiary of Universal Music) and will be going on tour and releasing a new album this summer.

BiS: It was announced that the current BiS lineup would be disbanding. The final performance will be on May 11th at the 『Are you ready to go? TOUR』 at Aksaka BLITZ. Later on in the year, there will be another reformation audition to form the new lineup. It has not been announced whether the current BiS will be taking part in the audition.