WACK Audition 2018 – Day 6


Another day, another run. This time the first 5 to the midway point had to eat a melon pan before continuing. The 5 effected by this were Ayuna C, Pan Luna Leafy, Kyan Maika, Momoko Gumi Company, Mimiland.

The final run ranking is as follows:

  1. Michihayashi Rio
  2. Pan Luna Leafy
  3. Peri Ubu
  4. Cent Chihiro Tette
  5. RisoRiso
  6. Choushouji Megumi
  7. Ayuna C
  8. Yokoyama Hina
  9. Yaya Eightprince
  10. Momoko Gumi Company
  11. Kyan Maika
  12. Orangeko Vampire
  13. Gamiya Saki
  14. Mimiland

Due to last nights incident with the candidates over indulging in death sauce, breakfast had none today.

After a pain free breakfast, it was time to start the task announced yesterday – Creating choreography and performing WACK is FXXK.

The results from the judges are as following:

  1. Momoko Gumi Company’s team
  2. Kyan Maika’s team
  3. Peri Ubu & Pan Luna Leafy’s team

Following their performances, another meal with no death sauce.

Rinse and repeat – back to dance practice and another performance in front of the judges. Results are as follows:

  1. Peri Ubu & Pan Luna Leafy’s team
  2. Momoko Gumi Company’s team
  3. Kyan Maika’s team

Dinner also saw no death sauce.

Afterwards more PR time to talk to fans for the final time. There were lots of tears and laughter as each girl spoke to the audience.

Now onto the final fan voting.

The rest of the candidates ranked as follows:

  1. Ayuna C
  2. RisoRiso
  3. Michihayashi Rio
  4. Gamiya Saki
  5. Yaya Eightprince
  6. Orangeko Vampire
  7. Yokoyama Hina
  8. Mimiland
  9. Cent Chihiro Tette
  10. Choushouji Megumi

They all remain into the WACK EXHiBiTiON finale event.