WACK Audition 2018 – Day 5


A few minutes after beating Hirano Nozomu in the squat battle, Choushouji Megumi, who could barely stand, had to participate in the run with the others. The results are as follows:

  1. Pan Luna Leafy
  2. Ayuna C
  3. Momoko Gumi Company
  4. Michihayashi Rio
  5. Mimiland
  6. Peri Ubu
  7. Cent Chihiro Tette
  8. Kyan Maika
  9. RisoRiso
  10. Yaya Eightprince
  11. Yokoyama Hina
  12. Gamiya Saki
  13. Orangeko Vampire
  14. Choushouji Megumi

At breakfast Maika again asked for more death sauce to up her points. Also noticeable at breakfast was the previously eliminated Hirano Nozomu, which had viewers quite confused.

Once breakfast was over, it was time for more dancing. Again the teams and songs were changed.

Peri Ubu & Kyan Maika                            Momoko Gumi Company & Pan Luna Leafy
Song – Let it Be by BiS                                Song – BiSH-Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni-

● Gamiya Saki                                                          ● RisoRiso
● Orangeko Vampire                                             ● Yaya Eightprince
● Yokoyama Hina                                                    ● Michihayashi Rio
● Choushouji Megumi                                           ● CentChihiro Tette
● Mimiland                                                                ● Ayuna C

Momoko & Pan’s team won out the two. Watanabe didn’t think that they managed well with the English parts in Let it Be.

On to lunch and again Maika struggles with death sauce. Other funny moments include RisoRiso asking Momoko the colours of her nipples. The cameraman then going on to film Gamiya Saki talking about who she likes in the current WACK groups to Momoko, Pan and Peri. Peri asks her who she likes most in BiS just as Gamiya notices the camera and asks for them to film another table for a moment. Seeing her get embarrassed Peri and Pan try to guess who it is. Gamiya shakes her had at every member’s name they say until they remember Gozeela to which she nods her head. She admits she is a mega fan.

After lunch, it was back to dancing and the teams were switched again.

Peri Ubu & Momoko Gumi Company               Pan Luna Leafy & Kyan Maika
Song – BiSBiS                                                             Song – GANG PARADE

● Gamiya Saki                                                          ● RisoRiso
● Orangeko Vampire                                             ● Yaya Eightprince
● Yokoyama Hina                                                    ● Michihayashi Rio
● Choushouji Megumi                                           ● CentChihiro Tette
● Mimiland                                                               ● Ayuna C
  .                                                                                     ● Hirano Nozomu

Due to bad weather that day, Hirano Nozomu was unable to leave the island as the ferry were not running. She was placed in Pan & Maika’s team. Both fans and other candidates were happy to see her return to the competition. RisoRiso and Ayuna C both gave her a big group hug.

Several hours later and it was time once again to perform to the judges.

During the live performance of GANG PARADE, RisoRiso and Ayuna C wore stocking over their head for a portion of the song. It was supposed to be completely removed off the two of them before they since their final parts. However, it got stuck on Ayuna C’s head and she continued the song with it covering her face, much to the amusement of the judges and other candidates.

Onto dinner and most girls requested death sauce to desperately try and get extra points. With the final the next day, none of them held back and there was many speedy runs to the toilets.

Once the chaos ended, the candidates all listened to Wanatabe’s lesson on songwriting. He even played recordings of him singing WACK songs while still in the process of creating them, so there were many different lyrics and different sounds to them. He went through each of the original lyrics and how/why they were changed. These songs included;

  • BiSH – Orchestra, My Landscape, Promise the Star, Want, Departures, BiSH-Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni-
  • BiS – gives

After this, the fan voting was announced.

  1. Hirano Nozomu
  2. Gamiya Saki
  3. Ayuna C
  4. RisoRiso
  5. Michihayashi Rio
  6. Yaya Eightprince
  7. Yokoyama Hina
  8. Orangeko Vampire
  9. Mimiland
  10. Cent Chihiro Tette
  11. Choushouji Megumi

Two girls were chosen for elimination:

  • Mimiland
  • Hirano Nozomu

It was announced that they would again battle it out to stay by Paprika squats the next morning.

Before bed, the next days task was announced. They would be split into three groups and would have to perform WACK is FXXK by SAiNT SEX, which includes coming up with choreography.

Peri Ubu & Pan Luna Leafy’s team:

  • Gamiya Saki
  • Cent Chihiro Tette
  • Choushouji Megumi

Momoko Gumi Company’s team:

  • Ayuna C
  • Yaya Eightprince
  • Michihayashi Rio

Kyan Maika’s team:

  • Yokoyama Hina
  • RisoRiso
  • Orangeko Vampire
  • Whoever remains the next day – Mimiland / Hirano Nozomu

Once again, Hirano Nozomu lost and is eliminated. Mimiland managed 164 squats to Hirano’s 81.

Hirano Nozumo