WACK Audition 2018 – Day 4


Of course, the day starts with the morning run. Here are the top and bottom 5:

Top 5:                                                                   Bottom 5:

1. Pan Luna Leafy                                         13. Choushouji Megumi
2. Ayuna C                                                       14. Yokoyama Hina
3. Hirano Nozomu                                        15. Gamiya Saki
4. Momoko Gumi Company                      16. Orangeko Vampire
5. Peri Ubu                                                      17. Mimiland

After the run, today’s task was announced – a cooking challenge. Each team had to go to the shop and buy different items to make a fish dish. Watanabe tasted each dish an decided on the ranking:

  1. Momoko Gumi Company’s team – 8 points
  2. Pan Luna Leafy’s team – 6 points
  3. Peri Ubu’s team – 4 points
  4. Kyan Maika’s team – 2.5 points (the 0.5 was from RisoRiso’s decoration of their dishes, describing them as “cute jungle”

Arriving at the sports hall for dance practice, the teams were switched again, this time into two teams.

Momoko Gumi Company & Kyan Maika           Peri Ubu & Pan Luna Leafy
Song – Plastic 2 Mercy                                            Song – BiSBiS

● Yokoyama Hina                                             ● Ayuna C
● Orangeko Vampire                                      ● Yaya Eightprince
● Hirano Nozomu                                            ● Michihayashi Rio
● RisoRiso                                                          ● Choushouji Megumi
● Mimiland                                                        ● Cent Chihiro Tette
● Gamiya Saki

Both teams had several hours to practice before their performances in front of the judges. Momoko and Maika’s team was at a slight disadvantage due to Momoko initially not knowing the dance to Plastic 2 Mercy, so she had to learn along with the other candidates, leaving Maika as the sole teacher for the group.

Despite all this, Watanabe decided that as both teams performed well, but Peri & Pan’s team was the winner of the two. But he emphasised that both teams performed exceptionally well.

Dinner saw Maika requesting extra death sauce on her food in a bid to get more points.

After dinner Watanabe held more one on one interviews before announcing the fan voting.

Top 5:                                                                   Bottom 5:

1. Ayuna C                                                7. Yokoyama Hina
2. Michihayashi Rio                             8. Mimiland
3. Gamiya Saki                                       9. Orangeko Vampire
4. Hirano Nozumu                               10. CentChihiro Tette
5. RisoRiso                                              11. Choushouji Megumi

After calculation, two girls were selected to be up for elimination:

  1. Choushouji Megumi
  2. Hirano Nozumu

Again, there was another way one of them can save themselves. In the morning, whoever could do the most squats to BiS’s song Paprika would be allowed to continue on in the competition.

After the bottom two of the day were announced, there was an emotional scene between Kyan Maika and Hirano Nozomu (who was already a fan favourite, even nicknamed as Trivago, due to her looking similar to the woman who does the Trivago ad for Japan). Both girls were crying as Maika gave her lots of hope and encouragement.

However, after an incredibly emotional battle of squats between the two, Hirano Nozomu was eliminated after 94 squats to Choushouji’s 144.

Hirano Nozumo