WACK Audition 2018 – Day 3


Day 3 starts out with the usual 5am start and a run before breakfast. This time Watanabe actually ran along with all the candidates. Again at the halfway point the first few had to eat/drink something.

First to come in was GANG PARADE’s Maika who had to eat melon pan. Second was Choushouji Megumi who ate a pack of crackers, followed by Mimiland who drank a 500ml bottle of Coke.

Here are the top 5 and bottom 5 of the race:

Top 5:                                                                                      Bottom 5:
1. Pan Luna Leafy                                                      18. Gan Gima Leafy
2. Ayuna C                                                                    19. Yokoyama Hina
3. Bug Me                                                                     20. Gamiya Saki
4. Momoko Gumi Company                                   21. Orangeko Vampire
5. Hirano Nozomu                                                     22. Mimiland

After another death sauce breakfast, dance practice continues. Once more all the groups performed for the others and the judges.

The rankings for each team were announced as follows:

  1. Pan Luna Leafy’s team
  2. Kyan Maika’s team
  3. Peri Ubu’s team
  4. Momoko Gumi Company’s team

The team captains were also switched around. They now stand as:

Kyan Maika’s team:                                              Momoko Gumi Company’s team:
Song – Plastic 2 Mercy                                                 Song – Orchestra by BiSH

● Gamiya Saki                                                                        ● Hirano Nozomu
● Michihayashi Rio                                                              ● Cento Chihiro Tette
● Yaya Eightprince                                                               ● Mimiland
● Orangeko Vampire                                                            ● Bug Me
● Yokoyama Hina
● Nagayama Yukiko

Pan Luna Leafy’s team:                                                      Peri Ubu’s team:
Song – BiSBiS by BiS                                                            Song – BiSBiS by BiS

● Momoko Gumi inc                                                             ●  Ayuna C
● Fourth Summer Uika                                                        ●  Maina the End
● Choushouji Megumi                                                         ●  RisoRiso
● Mimiland                                                                              ● Gan Gima Leafy
● Yumino Yua

After lunch these new teams began to practice once more and futher results were announced based on their performances.

  1. Momoko Gumi Company’s team
  2. Peri Ubu’s team
  3. Pan Luna Leafy’s team
  4. Kyan Maika’s team

After dinner Watanabe announced the results from the previous day’s test. Momoko Gumi Company got first place, with Peri Ubu in last.

The following are the fan votes for the day:

Top 5:                                                                 Bottom 5:

  1. Ayuna C                                                14. CentChihiro Tette
  2. RisoRiso                                               15. Choushouji Megumi
  3. Michihayashi Rio                              16. Momoko Gumi inc
  4. Gamiya Saki                                        17. Gan Gami Leafy
  5. Hirano Nozomu                                 18. Yumino Yua

After calculating all the points for the day, 8 girls were selected as up for elimination. Again there was a way for them to stay. They must each write a 400 character essay about what they have learned during their time in the audition process and why they should stay. They were given until 5am to write as much as they could.

● Hirano Nozomu – 22 pages written
● Maina the End – 14 pages written
● Momoko Gumi inc – 12 pages written
● Nagayama Yukiko – 12 pages written
● Bug Me – Did not participate
● Gan Gima Leafy – Did not participate
● Yumino Yua – Did not participate
● Fourth Summer Uika – Did not participate

Maina the End, Momoko Gumi inc, and Nagayama Yukiko were offered a lifeline – if they could come in the top 5 of the next morning’s run, they could stay. Unfortunately none of them made it so they were all eliminated.

Maina The End  Momokogumi inc  Nagayama Yukiko  Bug Mii  gangimaleafy  Fourth Summer Uika  Yumino Yua