WACK Audition 2018 – Day 2


Every day from here on will begin with a morning run, before breakfast. The three girls eliminated last night decided to participate regardless. Unknown to the girls, the first few to make it to the halfway point, would have to consume a difficult food or drink before being allowed to run the way back to the finish line.

The first to arrive at the halfway point was last night’s eliminated Yui Ga Jackson, who had to drink a 500ml bottle of soda, Mitsuya Cider. Second to arrive, Mimiland, had to eat a whole Melon Pan, a large Japanese sweet bun. Third in was Wakakisa Yurika who had to eat a packet of crackers.

This affecting the finishing places of these girls quite significantly.
To save space, I will only show the top and bottom 5

Top 5:                                                                                      Bottom 5:
1. Ayuna C                                                                           20. Yui Ga Jackson
2. Hirano Nozomu                                                           21. Gamiya Saki
3. Choushouji Megumi                                                   22. Orangeko Vampire
4. Sha Kira                                                                          23. Mimiland
5. Michihayashi Rio                                                         24. Wakakisa Yurika

Breakfast saw only 5 meals being spiked with death sauce. Some girls even sniffed each plate of food to try and decide where to sit. Momoko Gumi inc, Choushouji Megumi, and Yokoyama Hina were along those who had breakfast with the sauce.

After breakfast, the girls had some PR time to talk to fans before leaving to return to dance practice. Each team took turns to perform in front of the other candidates and WACK staff. Watanabe gave some advice on all their performances and it was back to rehearsing.

A bus ride back to the port and the candidates all sat eagerly waiting for some new arrivals. A short wait and Momoko Gumi Company, Peri Ubu, Pan Luna Leafy, and Kyan Maika enter into the room, suitcases in tow, to join the candidates.

Noticeably some girls even started crying as they made their way to join their tables – Gamiya Saki, Sha Kira, Mimiland were all seen crying and trying to hide their faces in embarrassment.

Once lunch was over, it was back to dancing. This time each team performed again in front of the other candidates and staff, along with the newly added Maika, Momoko, Peri, and Pan. Each of the current WACK members then gave their feedback and advice.

The groups ranked as followed:

  1. Bug Me (Leader), Orangeko Vampire, Gamiya Saki, Mimiland, Cent Chihiro Tette, Wakakisa Yurika
  2. Yaya Eightprince, Michihayashi Rio, Maina the End, Fourth Summer Uika, Nagayama Yukiko
  3. Momoko Gumi inc, RisoRiso (Leader), Sha Kira, Choushouji Megumi, Yumino Yua, Hirano Hozomu
  4. Ayuna C, Gan Gima Leafy, Yokoyama Hina (Leader), Tantanko

After the results were announced, the groups were mixed up and the current WACK members participating in the remaining process were added.

Momoko Gumi Company’s team:                                  Kyan Maika’s team:
Song – Orchestra by BiSH                                                 Song – Plastic 2 Mercy

● Gamiya Saki                                                                        ● Ayuna C
● Michihayashi Rio                                                              ● Maina The End
● Yaya Eightprince                                                               ● RisoRiso
● Orangeko Vampire                                                            ● Gan Gima Leafy
● Yokoyama Hina
● Nagayama Yukiko

Pan Luna Leafy’s team:                                                      Peri Ubu’s team:
Song – BiSBiS by BiS                                                             Song – BiSBiS by BiS

● Hirano Nozomu                                                                  ● Momoko Gumi inc
● Tantanko                                                                               ● Sha Kira
● Cento Chihiro Tette                                                            ● Wakakisa Yurika
● Mimiland                                                                               ● Fourth Summer Uika
● Bug Me                                                                                   ● Choushouji Megumi
                                                                                                   ● Yumino Yua

After several hours of practising, each group performed their respective songs before heading to another death sauce dinner.

The candidates were given some PR time before they went to have a classic WACK audition special, the knowledge test. Results are to be announced day 3.

Before heading to bed, they were all given some PR time before the viewer’s vote was announced

       Top 5:                                                                 Bottom 5:

  1. Gamiya Saki                                                17. Bug Me
  2. Ayuna C                                                        18. Cent Chihiro Tette
  3. RisoRiso                                                       19. Gan Gami Leafy
  4. Nagayama Yukiko                                     20. Choushouji Megumi
  5. Hirano Nozomu                                          21. Wakakisa Yurika

Overall, including the accumulated points for the day, those up for elimination are:

  • Wakakisa Yurika (fan voted 21/21)
  • Tantanko (fan voted 11/21)
  • Fourth Summer Uika (fan voted 16/21)
  • Sha Kira (fan voted 13/21)

While being up for elimination, there was a change for one of them to stay. At 5am they would play “Game of Life”  and the one with the most money gets to stay. Tantanko decided not to participate. Fourth Summer Uika won the game and was allowed to stay.

Tan Tanko  Sha Kira  Wakikasa Yurika