WACK Audition 2018 – Day 1


Starting with a total of 24 girls, a bus ride allowed fans to get a brief introduction to each of them. In traditional WACK style, everyone’s lunch was filled with death sauce.

Bus time again, and the girls all headed to the dance studio to practice performing BiSH’s BiSH-Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni- after splitting into 4 groups. During this time, Watanabe took each girl into a side room to conduct a brief interview and to see their singing abilities.

After another dinner full of death sauce, the fan votes were counted and added to WACK’s own pointing system to reveal the day’s ranking.

The final ranking was as follows:
To save space I will only be showing the top 10 girls and then the bottom 3

  1. Nagayama Yukiko
  2. Orangeko Vampire
  3. Gamiya Saki
  4. Ayuna C
  5. RisoRiso
  6. Maina the End
  7. Yaya Eightprince
  8. Yokoyama Hina
  9. Hirano Nozomu
  10. Mimiland

Eliminated girls:

  1. Giga Front Frontale
  2. Hashiyasume Samuko
  3. Yui Ga Jackson

Giga Front Frontale1  Hashiyasume Samuko1  Yui Ga Jackson1

Some of the remaining girls then spent the rest of the evening rehearsing and practising for the next day, and spending time talking to viewers watching the nico nico live.