I’m tired of them
Let me change the friends I hang out with
It’s somewhat easier to live
It’s not that I hate them
But I just can’t handle it
I can’t keep up with myself

I breathe in too much air to punish myself
But it all disappears with a sigh
Where does it go?
To a pure heart

Cherry blossom, playground equipment, the layout of that place
I want to meet my kind memories, but I can’t
The vomit that’s about to come out but won’t
It’s like the smell of the bad weather of the new school term

When is it,
The sun’s weather that will make me kind?
Can someone play with me?
I know I’m starting to becoming a bad person
But there’s nothing I can do about it

I was satisfied, but only for a moment
My neighborhood changes to loneliness
The loop of wanting to go back I see in town

I know what a lie out of kindness is
If you have no intentions of seeing me, then say it straight up
My worries will age but on the inside,
I’m just watching the sceneries from my childhood

The wind sends the reminiscent days
I sent back my feelings, it blurred and I endured it
I just spent my days working hard
I want to be absent at once