UTAUUTA / ウタウウタ


  • Birthday: June 3
  • Age: Unknown
  • Joined: August 14, 2018 – Founding member
  • Previous Names: Yui Ga Jackson (During WACK 2018 AUDiTiON)

She took part in the WACK 2018 AUDiTiON, under the name Yui Ga Jackson, but was eliminated day one. During her time in the training camp, we are able to see her singing abilities when she sung Suki Suki Daisuki by Jun Togawa.

During the first WAgg interview, she cried when asked about her time in the audition and couldn’t speak because she was so upset. The interviewer went back to her later in the interview, once she had calmed down, and she spoke of how she hates that people remember her from this time. She says that she is completely different from back then.

In the first WAgg interview, she spoke about how she struggles to understand emotions or feelings. Because of this a lot of staff would make comments about her being “so cold”. She wants to work on this by talking about her emotions and feelings with all different types of people.

She is a huge fan of the original BiS and still watches their live DVDs and music videos regularly.

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