TORiAEZ HANA / トリアエズ・ハナ


  • Birthday: September 25
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 161cm
  • Joined: May 2018, through the 2018 WACK audition
  • Audition name: Cent Chihiro Tette
  • Current Groups: HOLY SHiTS
  • Previous groups: なちゅらリウム.vivid / Naturallium.vivid
  • Previous Names: Minami Hana / 南はな
  • “Cheers!” member

While she is generally positive, she does worry a lot about other people’s opinion of her.

She doesn’t like silence, so always fills it with talking.

During the WACK audition, there was a lot of comments telling her to shut up and that she was annoying. In her first solo interview, she said that she can’t remember exactly why this starting, but admit that she does talk a lot and her voice it high pitch, so she could understand how it is annoying. She thinks that it runs in her family as her mother talks a lot too.

She loves idols, anime and watching videos online.

After her mother took her to a BIG BANG concert, she got interested in K-pop. From there she even wanted to be a K-pop star.

In the first BiS LEAGUE election, July 31, 2018, she came in 4th place, keeping her in BiS1st. She earned 6,411  votes total.

Previously a member of なちゅらリウム.vivid / Naturallium.vivid from late 2015, under the name of 南はな / Minami Hana.

She applied to many auditions for idol groups she was fan off, but always failed, so she was really surprised to get a call back from WACK.

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