Spoon Lyrics

No matter when, these days are always idle
The feeling of being weightless is somewhat bland
See, I’m lacking everything, just like fizzy water,
I’m lethargic everyday
I drink a ginger ale, I wonder if that’ll lift this depression

A spoonful of sugar, to make every day sweet
A spoonful of pepper, piriri, spice!
Flavour it
A spoonful of salt, because tears are important as well
A spoonful of magic, to make tomorrow delicious
Let’s flavour it
“Let’s protect this routine dosage.”

Wake me up! Wake me up! too late sleepy
Morning, night, today – all spinning around on repeat
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Every day repeating the same, isolated – goodbye

If it’s such a luxury to have them nearly falling down my cheeks,
There’ll come a day when I won’t know that wonderful taste
And so, that new flavour
Your one and only special ☆?©を…