I don’t mind being eye-catching, I’m free 
There’s always a wild beast in my stomach
I may look soft and fluffy, but I’m plotting something in the head

I can’t control my innocent feelings
Nothing’s impossible! so tired!!
Comfortable living gets me more and more HiGH!
It starts from here. My way! Left turn!

The friendly guy and the fashionable guy
Soon I’ll make them both mine, smirking
Should there be more stimulation?
Only once I have 2 boyfriends 

A virgin’s life is full of drama
I’ll throw away this pure white version of myself
I’ll continue until my core is pure black
Pure innocence? Throw it away HEY

Crash! Crash!
What’s her name Shikibu and Himiko were the same too, FREEdOM
I was counting but before I knew, huh? Forget now!

I’m full of curiosity, sweet, ALL LOVE Happy me SO PRINCESS!
Logic? No! It’s fun using my instincts
It’s fun being a girl