Pre WACK: Original BiS (September 2010 – July 2014)

Key of symbols for easy access:
Single released       – Album released      – Music video released      – Book/Magazine released
– Member joins      – Member leaves     – Group forms      – Group disbands     

●Pink – BiS   /   Blue – BiSH   /   Green – GANG PARADE   /  Purple – EMPiRE   /   Orange – WAgg   /   ●Grey – Other     

Pre WACK: Original BiS (Late 2010 – July 2014):
● Pour Lui announces plans to quit solo work to form an idol group on September 9, 2010, alongside manager Watanabe Junnosuke and producer Matsukuma Kenta.
Auditions were ran on October 7, 2010, held by Pour Lui and Matsukuma Kenta.
Founding members were announced: Pour LuiNakayama Yukiko, Yokoyama Rina, and Hirano Nozomi.
Brand-new idol Society] album released March 23, 2011.
[BiS] MV released February 22, 2011.
 [Paprika /パプリカ] MV released April 13, 2011. Features members headbanging and kissing.
Yokoyama Rina quits due to disagreements with direction of group, June 24, 2011 after hearing plans for [My Ixxx] MV.
[nerve] MV released June 29, 2011.
[My lxxx] MV released July 5, 2011. “Legendary MV” features members running naked through Japan’s Suicide Forest.
Terashima Yufu joins group, replacing Yokoyama Rina, July 9, 2011.
[My Ixxx] single released August 3, 2011.
[nerve] single released October 19, 2011.

■ [primal.] MV released November 14, 2011.
☆ Nakayama Yukiko quits due to disagreements, December 20, 2011.
[primal.] single released December 21, 2011.
[豆腐 / Tofu] single released January 31, 2012.
 [IDOL] MV released, April 9, 2012. Also released a fake, troll MV several days before.
[IDOL] single released April 11, 2012.
Signed to major label, Avex, and auditioned for new members.
 Two members added – Wakisaka Yurika and Michibayashi Rio. Both debuted April 15 2012.
 [PPCC] MV released June 19, 2012featuring the new members.
[PPCC] single released July 19, 2012.
First horror film released [IDOL is DEAD]. Didn’t feature two newest members are was recorded before their debut.
First and only anime series released [Backstage idol Story] aired on Space Shower TV.
[IDOL is DEAD] MV released September 17, 2012. 
[ASH] MV released October 3, 2012.
[hitoribochi] MV released October 23, 2012. Documents Pour Lui and Wakisaka Yurika during 100km marathon.
Member cleaning auction, November 19, 2012.
[GET YOU] MV released December 6, 2012, collaboration with Dorothy Little Happy. 
[IDOL is DEAD] album released October 24, 2012
[BiSimulation] MV released January 30, 2013
[Hide out cut] MV released March 12, 2013. Commemorates Wakisaka Yurika‘s time in the group.
Wakisaka Yurika left due to worsening health conditions on March 16, 2013, following the 100km marathon.
[BiSimulation] single released March 13, 2013
Terashima Yufu left the group on May 26, 2013.
 Pour Lui BiS autobiography [BiStory: Who Killed Idol?] where she spoke about her hatred of Terashima Yufu.
Following this, Pour Lui announces plans to disband BiS at sell-out Budokan performance to ‘go out as legends’. 
Three members added – Kamiya Saki, Tentenko, and First Summer Uika on May 26, 2013.
[DiE] MV released May 26, 2013. Video features themes of sex/rape.
[MURA-MURA] MV released June 24, 2013Parody of Minami Minegishi shaved head indecent. 
[DiE] single released June 26, 2013.
 [好き好き大好き] MV released June 30, 2013. Original song by Jun Togawa.
[Fly] MV released August 15, 2013. Commemorates Michibayashi Rio‘s time in the group.
[Hi] MV released September 9, 2013.
[Fly/Hi] single released September 18, 2013.
Michibayashi Rio left group to build a stable career, September 22, 2013.
★ Junko Koshino announced to be life long honorary member, November 5, 2013. Oldest idol to ever debut at age 74.
New member announced November 15, 2013 Koshouji Megumi.
All members posted naked in forest, mimicking [My Ixxx] MV, in Quick Japan issue 111. NSFW image here.
 [STUPiGMV released December 2, 2013.
Second horror film released [IDOL is DEAD: Non-chan’s Great Propaganda War] January 11, 2014.
[ODD FUTURE] MV’s released January 14, 2014. Each member has their own special MV.
 [STUPiG] single released January 22, 2014.
 [primal.2] MV released January 30, 2014Video features themes of prostitution.
Members featured in February 10, 2014 Weekly Playboy vol.6 posing for photo in black ink and fake semen.
Announced plans to disband at Budokan fell through due to BiS’s reputation, banning them from the venue.
 [Who Killed IDOL?] album released March 5, 2014.
[FiNAL DANCE] MV released April 29, 2014.
[FiNAL DANCE/nerve] single released May 28, 2014.
[nerve (2.5D x VICE)] MV released June 4, 2014.
 [うりゃおい!!! / Urya-Oi!!!] best of album released July 2, 2014.
[Budokan a la BiS] final live held at Yokoyama Arena on July 8, 2014. Previous members returned to perform [nerve] for the final time. Group disbanded.