PEDRO (AYUNi D Solo Project)

PEDRO is the side solo project from BiSH’s Ayuni D. The project was announced as a guerrilla release, with a music for the song 自律神経出張中/ Jiritsu Shinkei Shucchouchu being released onto YouTube alongside the of a debut mini album titled zoozoosea, September 19, 2018.

pedro2The project features Ayuni as vocalist, bassist and lyricist, alongside other prolific Japanese musicians forming the rest of the band:

  • Vocals & Bass: Ayuni D
  • Guitar: 田渕ひさ子 / Tabuchi Hisako (ex. Number Girl, Bloodthirsty Butchers)
  • Drums: 毛利匠太

Debut Mini Album tracklist:

  1. ゴミ屑ロンリネス / Piece of Shit Loneliness 
  3. 自律神経出張中 / Business Trip Nervous Breakdown
  4. 甘くないトーキョー / Unsweetened Tokyo 
  6. ハッピーに生きてくれ / Please Live Happy
  7. うた / Song

As well as the Regular Edition – ¥2,160 (£14.66), there is also a First Press Limited Edition containing a Blu-ray of the Jiritsu Shinkei Shucchouchu MV and ‘THE BIRTH OF PEDRO‘ – ¥6,264 (£42.51)