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PLEASE LISTEN TO MY – 01/11/2020

  1. PLEASE LISTEN TO MY (Lyrics by Matsukuma Kenta & JxSxK)

ENVIES – 06/09/2020


1. ENVIES (Lyrics by Ryuguuji Iku)

G/P – 01/04/2020
Split EP between ex-GANG PARADE – GO TO THE BEDS, PARADISES, and Kamiya Saki


1. Don’t go to the bed (Lyrics by Matsukuma Kenta & JxSxK)
2. MAYDAY (Lyrics by Nagai Yoko)
3. ANSWER (Lyrics by SHILL)
4. GOOD NIGHT (Lyrics by JxSxK)
5. 優しい風に吹かれて (Lyrics by Naruhaworld)
6. キモチイイコトシタイ!(Lyrics by Terashima Yuuka)
7. FALL (Lyrics by Kamiya Saki)