PALET Lyrics

I always searched for answers in your words
Entrusting the songs, overflowing with curiosity, to the stars
We always sang out our dreams
Bringing the meaning of those troublesome words into view

This is just a moment of pain
My heart will clear tomorrow
If this palpitation truly fulfills it role
Then we’ll engrave this time
More than anyone else can

Your honesty gave us courage
This is a story we could never of predicted
Our dreams may cross over, sure
This is an unknown path
The very foundations of life

The world we, ourselves, drew so freely
Allowing me to enthusiastically escape myself
In kindness, with a sturdy heart
Always encouraging us, with a hand on our backs

I always wanted to protect those beside me
In that moment, showing my heart and honestly
Because there’s no alternative
There was always someone laughing at us
Can this unchanging world shine?
So boring it’s nauseating

We for sure are complete trash
We’ll have to go tomorrow
We’re aiming, but where is the higher place?
We’ll reach out our hands
Whatever it may be

You gave us a breath of fresh air
Clinging to you so we don’t fall
Matching each other’s steps, remaining tied together forever
Who’s is the ideal life?
If you’re able to breathe, then there’s room for change
Surpassing the fainthearted, this is our victory
Whatever colour stains
Our dreams will continue on unchanged

Our memories repeat, baking in the sunset
Don’t worry about the blank spaces
You can fill it with your own meaning
Dye it your own colour
Beyond the spirit of life

The start of every day resonates so deeply
I was a child, it was an innocent story
In kindness, with a sturdy heart
Our dreams will continue on unchanged