‘LIVE DAY’ (February 8, 2020) – Live performances at Onagawa Town Hall 

BiSH                                                             EMPiRE                               GANG PARADE
1. MORE THAN LiKE                                 1. MAD LOVE                       1. Plastic 2 Mercy
2. BiSH -Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni-     2. EMPiRE is COMiNG        2. pretty pretty good
3. VOMiT SONG                                        3. RiGHT NOW                     3. とろいくらうに食べたい
4. Story Brighter                                       4. Buttocks beat! beat!       4. FIX YOUR TEETH
5. PAiNT it BLACK                                     5. S.O.S                                  5. UNIT
6. Orchestra                                              6. Have it my way                6. LOVU
7. beautiful sa                                           7. Bright Future

CARRY LOOSE                              BiS                                                       WAgg             MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN
1. When we wish upon a star    1. BiS-どうやらゾンビのおでまし     1. BiSBiS        1. Restart
2. ERASE and REWRITE               2. STUPiD
3. にんげん                                    3. this is not a love song                  ONAGAWACKSTARS*
4. CARRY LOOSE                          4. BASKET BOX                                  1. ON A GOT WORK
                                                    5. LAUGH AT ME
,                                                      6. LOVELY LOVELY

*ONAGAWACKSTARS is a one-day shuffle unit, to celebrate the bond between Onagawa and WACK. The song was created to be the ONAGAWACK theme song. The groups features 1 member from each WACK group, selected by Onagawa locals – Kamiya Saki (GANG PARADE) & Neo Trees (BiS) & Aina The End (BiSH) & MAYU EMPiRE (EMPiRE) & Pan Luna Leafy (CARRY LOOSE) & KAEDEPHEONiX (MAMESHIBA NO TAiGUN) & NAYU (WAgg)

‘PLAY DAY’ (February 9, 2020) – All events take place in the Onagawa area

Hide and Seek – All WACK members take part (including WAgg)
After obtaining a special badge from cooperating stores to take part in the event, fans are encouraged to explore the Onagawa area to try and find hiding WACK members. If they discover them, they must shout “Catch WACK” and can then take one picture with each member on their phones.

All members were split up into different groups, they were as follows:
Aina The End (BiSH) & Itou Musensiteebu (BiS) & MAHO EMPiRE (EMPiRE)
Cent Chihiro Chittiii (BiSH) & Yamamachi Miki (GANG PARADE) & MiDORiKO EMPiRE (EMPiRE)
Momoko Gumi Company (BiSH) & Kamiya Saki (GANG PARADE) & NOW EMPiRE (EMPiRE)
• Hashiyasume Atsuko (BiSH) & Yumeno Yua (GANG PARADE) & MiKiNA EMPiRE (EMPiRE)
LingLing (BiSH) & Tsukino Usagi (GANG PARADE) & YU-Ki EMPiRE (EMPiRE)
Ayuni D (BiSH) & Can GP Maika (GANG PARADE) & AiNASTAR (WAgg)
Haruna Bad Chiiiin (GANG PARADE) & Yumeka Naukana? (CARRY LOOSE) & NAO OF NAO (MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN)
Neo Trees (BiS) & Naruhaworld (GANG PARADE) & UTAUUTA (WAgg)
Chantmonkee (BiS) & Pan Luna Leafy (CARRY LOOSE) & Coco Partin Coco (GANG PARADE)

Onagawa Spanish Tile Painting Experience – All GANG PARADE members (Fan club exclusive)
46 fans were able to sit down with the GANG PARADE girls to create some Spanish titles, painting on different patterns and designs. Each person makes 2 tiles, 1 that will be burned and sent to them in the post. The tiles created by the members of GANG PARADE and the 2nd tile that fans make will be created into one art piece and displayed in the commercial area in front of Seapal-Pier Onagawa.

BiS Tea Party (with souvernirs) – All BiS members (Fan club exclusive)
60 fans were able to sit down with BiS local store, OCHACCO, that specialising in tea making.
Fans get to listen to a lecture about tea, help members pick out the ‘scent’ they want to use in creating their own “BiS FLEUR”. Fans then get to taste the tea and take home a little sample.

CARRY LOOSE Sushi Tasting – All CARRY LOOSE members (Fan club exclusive)
50 fans were able to sit down with CARRY LOOSE, being served the members favourite sushi and other seafoods. The members will design their own ideal seafood bowl, which they will share with the fans. 

Soap Workshop Using Local Ingredients – All MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN & WAgg members (Fan club exclusive)
40 fans were able to sit down with MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN & WAgg at local soap studio ‘KURIYA’ to take part in a soap making workshop. The fans were split up into groups, with 1 member of MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN OR WAgg joining them to play around and make their own unique soaps.

Onagawa Bay Cruise All BiSH & EMPiRE members (Fan club exclusive)
50 fans were able to take a leisurely cruise around the Onagawa Bay with all BiSH & EMPiRE. The tour showcases beautiful scenery, as well as the ongoing construction to the town.

Limited Edition Merchandise, Souveniers, and Collectables
To celebrate the Onagawa x WACK collaboration, many local businesses added new items to their menus, created new products, themed around WACK or designed by the members themselves. The below list is just a few of those:

Bistro El Epico has created a new wine titled, ‘Have it my wine’ after EMPiRE’s song of a similar name. Fans can buy bottles of the wine, which have been signed randomly by the members
The official uniform for the Cobaltore Onagawa football club have been redesigned to feature WACK logos, and a limited design Socio membership card has been created. Members who like football (Momoko Gumi Company, Kamiya Saki, Yumeka Naukana?, Pan Luna Leafy, and A Anzupia) will also hand sign the shirts.
To commemorate the special connection between Onagawa and BiS, special ‘MADE in ONAGAWA cheki frames will be created for BiS chekis. The local business ‘megumi project’, which is a kimono specialist, will fit the frames with a special kimono cloth background and photo stand.
‘mother port coffee’ will be turning into ‘WACK cafe’, selling ‘WACK Blend 2020’ coffee and other specially created sweet treats. The place will also showcase, photos, posters, and costumes from all the groups.
Special collaboration merchandise was created in the form of tote bags, postcards, photos, t-shirts and hoodies
Classic Onagawa souvenirs, fish keyrings, carved out of wood, w
ere created with each group’s logo on
Kika Front Frontale has created her very own beer, “KiKA’s BEER” which will be selling on tap in local pub, ‘Garuya Beer’. Kika will be working as the manager for the 2 days of ONAGAWACK
Local florist ‘Flower Shop’ had two new products created especially for ONAGAWACK, 2 candles designed by Cent Chihiro Chittiii (BiSH) & MiDORiKO EMPiRE
Local restaurants created special, limited edition dishes with certain members/groups having picked out the ingredients
Café CEBOLLA has created a WACK themes ‘muffin and tea set’