NEL NEHRU / ネル・ネール


  • Birthday: July 28
  • Age: Unknown
  • Joined: May 2018 (Reformed BiS)
  • Left: January 1, 2019
  • Audition name: オレンジコバンパイア / Orangeko Vampire
  • “Dynamite” member

When she was first invited to the training camp, she overheard her mother on the phone to her relatives saying how Nel must be stupid to go to it because there’s no way she’d get it. She was sent by car to the nearest station to make the journey to the training camp. She still felt tension between her and her mother, knowing that she still didn’t agree with her decision to go. But at the last minute she said for her to do her best. [x]

When was on the phone to her grandparents, she explained to them how she saw the training camp as a chance to change herself. Her grandmother passed this on to her mother, so she knew the full story. [x]

When she told her mother she has passed the audition and would be entering BiS, she said ‘that’s great’, but didn’t sound overly excited or happy. Nel says she isn’t that type of person. [x]

While in high school, she had a part time job but quit after 3 days. [x]

She has previously cosplayed under the name ねるねる (Neru Neru) and posted pictures on her old Twitter account – @mou_neru0 (now deleted). She has cosplayed Hitoka Yachi from Haikyuu!!, Sakisaka Muku and Yuki Rurikawa from A3! (エースリー) Act! Addict! Actors! (Japanese mobile card collecting game) *She didn’t say anything about cosplay in her first interview, this information and pictures that I found are from before she debuted in BiS.

She loves art, anime and reading, especially modern literature. Her favourite authors are: Yumeno Kyusaku, Edogawa Ranpo, and Yukio Mishima. [x]

She applied after seeing the audition advertised on Twitter with the line “for those who want to change their lives”. She applied the same day. [x]

During the audition, she said that she believes she was living below other people, as a lot of her friends were working hard towards their future, studying everyday. She felt like she was losing her way, like she was inferior to them.

Reformed BiS – Main Group – May 2018 – January 1, 2019

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