MONSTER IDOL – Episode 1 Written Review

Air Date: November 6, 2019

The episode begins as Kuro-chan is led, blindfolded and ears covered, then greeted with a room of 16 girls, where he is given his breif – to become an idol producer and create his own group. There are a few familar faces amongst the crowd:


Hanae (WAgg’s Hanaemonster)
Yuzu (BiS’s Zuzu Death who left before debuting)
Nao (Bashiyasume Atsuko – WACK 2019 Audition)
Natsuko (Taiyou no Lion – WACK 2019 Audition)
Yuri (Paa Lui – WACK 2019 Audition)
Ryou (Chin Partin Coco – WACK 2019 Audition)

In the first episode, Kuro-chan must whittle the 16 candidates down to 8.

To get some insight, he sits down with Watanabe Junnosuke who explains that Kuro-chan himself is to create the songs, lyrics, and choreography for the group. Following the shock, Watanabe offers his support and confirms that the group will be debuting under WACK. Kuro-chan is then given 8 “Pass” cards to give to the girls he wishes to move onto the next round.

Going back to the room where the girls sit patiently, he fully immersises himself in his new found role. He explains that they must try and appeal to him, because if not, no one else will love them and so they would not make it into the group. He then gives out his first “pass” to Aika, who sits in the front row, because “she’s cute”.

Kuro-chan then gets to assess the girl’s singing abilities before moving on to the appeal time. The girls are split into 3 equal groups of 5:

Group 1. Kaide / Miyuki / Nao / Ryou / Marika
Group 2. Misuzu / Suzu / Natsuko / Akane / Kana
Group 3. Sumire / Hinata / Hanae / Yuri / Risa

In Group 1, upon Kuro-chan’s request, the girls all show off their cutest poses. After closely assessing Kaide’s soft cheeks, he takes her aside to have a little private chat. He tells her how much he likes her and places his hands over hers. The two talk for a little longer, before moving on to chat with all the other girls in a similar, flirty way.

After the assessment, he ranks the girls from favourite to least favourite:
1. Nao
2. Kaide
3. Miyuki
4. Ryou
5. Marika

He then announces to the girl’s who will recieve a “pass” and advance onto the next stage of the competition. First, he awards a card to Miyuki, then to Kaide. Despite Nao being his number 1 spot, he doesn’t choose her, but tells them all that there will still be a second chance.

The selected girls from the other teams are: Misuzu, Kana, Hinata and Hanae – leaving 1 space remaining.

Again, he collects all the girls back in the same space to announce who gets the final pass card. He awards it to Nao, who promtly starts crying. He explains to the camera, away from the girls, that the reason why he chose to do things this way, not giving Nao the pass until the very end, is because he wanted to see her cry. He wanted to see her so happy that she’s moved to tears, which is exactly what happened. He wanted to make her wonder why she wasn’t picked when he showed so much interest in her, in a bid to make her think about him more and in the end, like him more.

And this is the end of episode 1! We have our 8 candidates ready to move onto the training camp audition.


In the preview of episode 2, we see the girls and Kuro-chan in Okinawa for the “training camp”. We get a sneak peak at what appears to be some sort of swimsuit contest, and lots of intimate moments between him and the girls. The girl who impresses him the least will be eliminated.