Momoko Gumi Company / モモコグミカンパニー

  • Birthday: September 4
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 147cm
  • Joined: March 2015 (BiSH Founding member)
  • Member colour: Orange
  • “Demon” Member
  • Lyrics written: DA DANCE!! / ぴらぴろ / NO THANK YOU / デパーチャーズ / ウォント / DEAR… / KNAVE / summertime / MOON CHiLDREN / Marionette / Nothing. / SHARR / JAM / BODiES / まだ途中 / CHOP / リズム / ぶち抜け / WiTH YOU

Momoko has a habit of speaking before thinking, which led her to one time talking about her discharge on a live stream interview after the host found a yellow stained cloth in her bag. [x] Around the time of BiSH’s debut, she spoke freely about hating otakus and her disgust at the idea of handshake events. She hates people who are so dependent on idols. [x] As seen in later interviews, it seems her feelings have changed as she spoke about wanting to help these people who are in dark places. She reflected back on what helped her during bad periods, which happened to be watching comedians, and she realised that it’s not so different from loving idols. [x]

She has always been a huge fan of Sakura Momoko, the creator of Chibi Maruko-chan. One of her main motivations for joining the entertainment industry and becoming an idol was in the hope of meeting her one day. [x] Momoko struggled after hearing the news of her death [x] and wrote a coloum about her love for her. [x]

Momoko was always the most popular in the class, during her first 3 years of elementary school. After which, in 4th grade, she was bullied badly by an ex friend. Originally they got on well, but eventually the girl started teasing her and then things became more physical, and she was pushing into swimming pools. Her parents move from Tokyo to Niigata from 5th grade until middle school, so the bullying stopped. She didn’t much like going to school though, despite having friends there. When she returned to Tokyo, the same girl was in her class once more, despite contacting the school to ensure this didn’t happen. Also in the same class was someone she always had a crush on, ever since 2nd grade until her freshman year of college. Even if other crushes came and went, they were all behind him. She says that he was like a god to her. [x]

Momoko attended 国際基督教大学 / International Christian University (ICU), under the tuition of Arimoto Takeshi, a professor at the university. During an interview with RollingStone, they discussed all about her graduation thesis, writing, and their experiences of education. [x]

Her first job was working in a bowling alley in her third year of high school. She also worked for a time in a cinema. [x]

Momoko has released her own book on March 7, 2018, an autobiography entitled 目を合わせるということ (Seeing Eye to Eye) which documents her first 3 years in BiSH.

BiSH – Idol Group – March 2015 – 2023 (founding member)
目を合わせるということ (Seeing Eye to Eye) – Author – March 7, 2018 

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