Momoko Gumi Company / モモコグミカンパニー


  • Nicknames: Momokan
  • Birthday: September 4
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 147cm
  • Joined: 2015 – Founding member
  • Lyrics Written: DA DANCE!!, Pirapiro, Departures, Want, summertime, KNAVE, SHARR, JAM, MOON CHiLDREN, Marionette, Nothing, DEAR…
  • Member Colour: Orange
  • “Demon” Member

Momoko has a habit of speaking before thinking, which led her to one time talking about her discharge on a live stream interview after the host found a yellow stained cloth in her bag.

She is the smallest member of BiSH. She admits to being shy, tough on the outside but weak on the inside and being an anxious person.

She always felt too mature for her age as a child, and found other kids to be too childish and would always cry for attention.. She also didn’t like adults much either, feeling that they were being too patronising to her being over friendly. She began to skip kindergarten a lot back then.

Kids would often want her to play with them, but she rejected their offers and preferred to spend her time alone. She thought they already spent enough time together in class. She would simply go home and sleep.

She has a big family, consisting of her mother, father, older and younger brother, plus both grandparents.

Her older brother, 4 years older, was a bit of a problem child and a somewhat famous delinquent. Her parents would often get mad at him and she began to wonder why he did all these stupid things. As he was always involved in some drama, she didn’t feel like she had a big presence in the family. She also didn’t get on with this brother as she would often say things to anger him. This resulted in one time being grabbed by the collar and kicked in the stomach. She says that he is her role model for what not to be like.

Her younger brother is very calm, and she remembers teasing him a lot. She wrote the lyrics for [DEPARTURES] about him.

She was always dishonest to her parents. She would hide food she didn’t like in a bag in her room until they found it all rotten. She would steal people’s money sometimes to buy whatever she wanted. Once, when her older brother couldn’t find the money, she would even help him search despite knowing what happened to it.

She liked her father as a child, and found him curious. He learnt how to play the piano at 45 years old and loved being outdoors. At nighttime, they would sit outside and talk about their dreams together.

She never really cared about her mother as she never took her seriously. She doesn’t like the way her mother runs her life, she doesn’t understand why someone would become a housewife. She knows that her mother likely adores her, but her younger brother was definitely the favourite.

She didn’t care what her family thought about her becoming an idol as it’s her life and they have nothing to do with it. She doesn’t understand people that care about their parents opinions.

Momoko was bullied in school by a girl that she was on/off friends with. Once this girl slapped her after getting angry at her. This only lasted for around 1 year, as she then transferred to Niigata.

In high school, she had a best friend that she was so close with, many people thought they were lesbians. Before joining BiSH, she auditioned to be an entertainer with her. Even once she became a member of BiSH, the girls told her that Momoko would always be her idol in her heart.

Momoko has released her own book on March 7 2018, entitled 目を合わせるということ (Meeting Your Eyes).

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