Mog Ryan / モグ・ライアン

  • Joined: March 27, 2021 (ASP)
  • Audition Names: Impossible Maika / インポッシブル・マイカ (2020 WACK Audition) & Bisuko / びすこ (Project WACK Chin)
  • ASP Member Number: 003 
  • Lyrics Written: NOW or NEVER / GO STRAiGHT / TRUST MYSELF / いつでもファッキュー♡

She originally auditioned for the initial WAgg audition in 2018. She was successful, but she declined the offer for various reasons. [x]

She struggled to convince her parents to let her join WACK. They said they would be happy if she wanted to join a group like Nogizaka46 or AKB48. She decided that she would solely apply for the 2020 WACK Audition, not applying to any other company. After she passed the initial selection process, she managed to persuade her parents to let her go to the training camp. [x] She took part under the name Impossible Maika / インポッシブル・マイカ but was knocked out on the 6th day.

Following this, she took part in the ‘Project WACK Chin’ online campaign later in the year, under the name Bisuko / びすこ. As this wasn’t a typical audition, she didn’t consider it as such – especially considering that it was open to both men and women, and people from other countries could apply. Despite this, she figured there was no other way she could join WACK, so took the chance. [x]

ASP – Idol Group – March 27, 2021 – Present Day (founding member)

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