• Nickname: DORiKO
  • Birthday: May 16
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 158cm
  • Joined: Founding Member

She admits that she was a rebellious child.

She refused to go to high school and would sit around at home watching films, or just the wall, while her friends were at school. They would come and see her once the school day was over.

She loved watching people play video games, and especially loved the horror game Ib.

From elementary school to third grade she had hip hop dance lessons. As she loved dancing, she started again from grades 5-6. Because she started to not go to school, her physical condition deteriorated so she decided to quit dancing.

She worked part time in a wedding hall before becoming an idol.

She has always been a fan of BiS (BiS Kaidan) and BiSH. When she first listened to Orchestra, she cried. At the same time, she wanted to become an idol and saw WACK as a place she could be herself.

She revealed on the TV show bomberE that she loves going to maid cafes, and also likes men with long hair.

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