MEWCLUB / ミュークラブ


  • Birthday: June 21
  • Age: Unknown
  • Joined: May 2018, through the 2018 WACK audition
  • Audition name: Choushouji Megumi
  • “Wonderland” member

She lived in the countryside when she was younger, so there wasn’t much to do. She was a tomboy and would always climb trees and play cops and robbers with boys.

She has an older brother. She did a lot of the same things that he did, purely because she was there.

She’s loved idols ever since she was in elementary school. It started with AKB, then moved onto Momoiro Clover Z, before she found She fell in love with Pinky’s smile, she thought that she was so cute and really good at dancing. She aspires to be as good as her one day.

She’s always online, even if at a friend’s house. She loved following idols on Twitter, and would even search on idol forums to find more cute girls.

In middle school she mainly stayed at home, not wanting to go out. Every morning she would test her temperature, hoping that she would be able to stay home sick.

In junior high school she was very athletic and used to do high jump. She stopped once she hit her waist against the bar and from then on became too scared to continue with it.

She went from being a tomboy to a complete shut in when she was in high school. She always wanted to stay at home instead of going out. She would go to bed really late and wake up at noon the next day. She would then spend all day lying down watching people online playing video games.

She doesn’t like confrontation because she doesn’t have any confidence in herself.

She takes inspiration from the Alice in Alice and Wonderland, as Alice’s themes are largely about overcoming your own difficulties and challenges. Her live introduction is “Welcome to the wonderland!” in English.

In the first BiS LEAGUE election, July 31, 2018, she came in 10th place (last), keeping her in BiS2nd. She earned 1,329 votes total

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