• Birthday: April 16
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 161cm
  • Joined: Founding Member
  • Audition name: Pari Ubu
  • Lyrics Written: TOKYO MOONLiGHT

Mayu was a serious child and was a perfectionist.

She had to leave during the 2nd year of junior high school to stay in the hospital. It started out by a pain in her head and body, so was tested for different things. She then got a letter introducing her to psychiatry.

Then, she gradually began to struggle to sleep. At it’s worse, she’d only be able to sleep for 30 minutes. She then felt like she had to get up and go to practice, and her ‘perfectionism’ would kick in and she couldn’t give in to it.

After finding school too stressful to continue, she began working part time in Seven Eleven. It gave her a sense of accomplishment every day.

She is a huge Oomori Seiko fan and loves the lyrics she writes.

She applied for the 2017 WACK audition because she wanted to change her life. She was envious of other idols who had done the same before her.

She made it to the final, but wasn’t selected for any group, nor Project AW. She was then placed into EMPiRE for their debut.



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