MARiN BA / マリン・バ

  • Birthday: October 23
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 165cm
  • Joined: August 14, 2018 (WAgg Founding member)
  • Left: June 16, 2019

She grew up and lived in a rural area with bad public transport, where there was only one shop that sold CDs. The people there would watch videos on YouTube, and they came to love idols and would follow them on Twitter. She wanted to make a PV while in WAgg, so that those people can see her. [x]

She’s always loved music and starting learning the piano before entering elementary school. She also played basketball, studied English, went to a cram school, and was in a choir. She stuck with the choir for about 7 years, where there was a mix of all ages, so this helped her get lots of feedback and support. [x]

She was inspired by Sashihara Rino (former AKB that went on to produce =LOVE) to become an idol producer in the future. She was happy to be chosen to become a member of WAgg, but she would love to be the one doing the choosing in the future. [x]

She loves idols, so knew about BiS and BiSH before applying for the audition. She especially loved BiS when Aya went on the rental trade with Saki. This was around the time she got into BiS, through songs like “SOCiALiSM” and “I can’t say NO!!!!!!” [x]

She left WAgg on June 16, 2019, after finding it too much to juggle being an idol and school work.

WAgg – Trainee Idol Group – August 14, 2018 – June 16, 2019 (founding member)

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