• Birthday: June 1
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 160cm
  • Joined: May 2018, through the 2018 WACK audition
  • Audition name: Yaya Eightprince
  • Current Groups: EMPiRE, HOLY SHiTS

Since she was young, she felt pressure from her parents to be the perfect child who gets on well with everyone. She never liked her parents or teachers to think of her badly. An attitude, she admits is difficult to change.

She claims to be a pacifist and doesn’t like conflict or arguments.

She never wanted people to be interested in her.

From a young age, she was expected to study and work hard at all aspects of school.

In elementary school, she played Piano, volleyball, had swimming, and calligraphy lessons. She did this so that she wouldn’t have to worry about those classes in school later, and not be a bother to the school. The only one she actually enjoyed was learning the piano.

When she was in high school, other students would say how tough she has it, but she never knew any different, so doesn’t quite know how to see it.

She loves idols and listens to idol music often. Around the time of junior high school, she fell in love with ℃-ute and would listen to them often while on YouTube.

She’s also a huge fan of Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku and discovered WACK/BiSH after hearing their cover of BiSH’s song Orchestra. After loving the song she looked it up and saw that WACK was accepting applicants for the 2018 audition. She applied the next day.

She is a member of the WACK collaboration group HOLY SHiTS.

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