Let’s Go Back to School: BiSTORY

Once upon a time there was an idol called Pour Lui..

★2010 – 2011★
The birth of BiS came around in late 2010. At this time, Pour Lui, who was performing as a solo artist decided to form an idol group, where she herself would audition and select the members.

Three other members were selected among side the leader, Pour Lui: Hirano Nozomi, Yokoyama Rina, and Nakayama Yukiko.

BiS released their first album [Brand-new idol Society] on 23 March 2011.

The music video for the song [パプリカ/Paprika] was released 13 April 2011. It featured Pour Lui and Nakayama Yukiko sharing a long kiss. The video was uploaded to YouTube with “remember t.A.T.u.” in the title. t.A.T.u. was a famous Russian duo that became infamous for their faux lesbianism. The kiss in the video was likely a reference to this.

On 24 June 2011, Yokoyama Rina decided to leave the group, after disagreeing with the direction of BiS, especially with their increasingly un-idol like acts. The final straw was once she heard the plans to run naked through Japan’s infamous Suicide Forest for the music video of [My lxxx].

The said music video was released on 5 July 2011, sparking outrage and controversy. It is still referred to as the ’legendary PV’. While in the video, it looks like they are naked, they are actually wearing skin coloured tight underwear and tape to cover other parts. Even so, the idea of idol’s being naked was unheard of, earning it’s legendary status.

9 July 2011 saw Terashima Yufu join the group, replacing Yokoyama Rina

Nakayama Yukiko left the group 20 December 2011 due to disagreements with Pour Lui and the managements usages of her private, purikura photos in the music video [primal]

BiS started out 2012 as a 3 member unit once again. They announced a new single to be released [アイドル / Idol], advertised with the tagline “Let’s by the same CD over and over again” – a reference to a marketing technique prominent in the idol scene to encourage fans to buy a CD multiple times.

Before the release of the single, the music video was uploaded to YouTube and caused outrage for slightly different reasons this time. BiS’s image at this point was of a punk rock, anti-idol group. The video uploaded was of the three members, dressed in maid outfits, singing a very typical sounding, cutesy, idol song.

The song and video was a parody of other idol groups and was revealed as a joke when the real video for the song [IDOL] was released. The track featured a much heavier sound and the video saw the three members wearing all black, smeared makeup, and being carried on large, black crosses. In the final scene of the video, there are shots of the fake video going up in flames.

After the release of [IDOL], BiS were signed to major label Avex Trax and the group auditioned for new members – Wakisaka Yurika and Michibayashi Rio. The two debuted April 15 2012.

Their first major single to be released was [PPCC]  on 19 June 2012. PPCC stands for the onomatopoeic phrase ‘pero pero chu chu’ = ‘lick lick kiss kiss’.

The music video saw the members wearing school-like swimsuits with their names on, fighting a group of large tattooed men. There were shots of them with bloodied faces as other members licked it off them.

A horror film about and starring the group named “IDOL is DEAD” was released around this time. However, it didn’t feature the two newest members, Yurika and Rio, as it was filmed before they debuted.

BiS also released a short anime series about the group titled “Backstage idol Story” which aired on Space Shower TV.

BiS released their first major album of the same name as the film, [IDOL is DEAD] on 24 October 2012.

Pour Lui and Wakisaka Yurika announced they would be running a 100-kilometre marathon over the course of 24 hours before performing a 24 hour concert afterwards. Neither member completed the challenge. Pour Lui dropped out after 60km and Wakisaka Yurika dropped out at 86km. Yurika ended up participating in less BiS events following the run due to injuring her leg. The music video for [hitoribochi] documented these events.

On 19 November, BiS decided to auction themselves off to the public for their cleaning services. Fans could bid for each member, starting price at just 1 yen (US$0.01) to spend 3 hours at their house cooking, cleaning or doing whatever the person wishes. Of course, nothing sexual – Staff members would be there the entire time.

BiS’s first release of 2013 was [Get You], a collaboration with the idol group Dorothy Little Happy, despite the video being released in December 2012.

[BiSimulation] was revealed next, along with Wakisaka Yurika’s intention to leave the group due to worsening health issues on 6 March 2013. A limited edition version of the BiSimulation single was made in honour of her. It included a photobook or her and the music video for the B-side track [Hide out cut] documented her time in the group.

Terashima Yufu was the next to leave on 26 May 2013. It transpired that, behind the scenes, Yufu and Pour Lui didn’t get on.. at all. Pour Lui spoke about her hate for Yufu openly in her autobiographic account of BiS – BiStory: Who Killed Idol?

Shortly after, Pour Lui revealed her intention to have BiS perform a sell-out Budokan performance where they will disband and “go out as legends”.

After this time, BiS gained three new members – First Summer Uika, Tentenko and Kamiya Saki.

[DiE] was released in June, and the music video features the three new members. The video was filmed at each members own home and showed them crying, looking vulnerable, either naked or in just a towel. Several shots were filled above the girls as they lay on the floor, their body moving as if someone was having sex with them.

Around this time, BiS appeared in Dempagumi.inc’s music video for their song W.W.D II. They had a joint concerts together and even sold a joint single [Denden Passion / IDOL].

Michibayashi Rio left the group on 22 September 2013, as she wanted to get a job and build a career. The single Fly / Hi was released to commemorate her departure.

Shortly after it was announced that a ‘JK’ would be joining the group. ‘JK’ is short for ‘joshi kousei / high school girl’. Being BiS, this wasn’t the case and the member was revealed to be Junko Koshino, a famous fashion designer who is the oldest idol to ever debut at age 74. On 5 November she was appointed as an honorary lifelong member.

On 10 November, Koshouji Megumi made her debut.

Now with 6 members, they posed naked in a forest for Quick Japan Issue 111. You can find the image here. Warning: NSFW!

January started with a new single [STUPiG]. They also released a sequel to their film titled IDOL is DEAD: Non-chan’s Great Propaganda War.

10 February saw BiS feature in Weekly Playboy 2014 No.06 – where the girls all appeared naked, covered in black ink and even shots of them with fake seamen splashed across their faces. You can find scans of the shoot here. Warning: NSFW!

On 12 February, it was announced that BiS would not be able to hold their final concert at Budokan due to important people of the venue condemning BiS’s outrageous actions as inappropriate for the venue. Instead they would disband on 8 July 2014 at Yokohama Arena.

The final full album WHO KiLLED IDOL? was released 5 March.

BiS’s final tour ran for 13 April to 30 June called THE BiS WHO SOLD THE WORLD TOUR. During which, they released the best of album named [Urya-Oi!!!] on 2 July.

To commemorate their disbandment, BiS released a gravure photo book of the members posing naked in suggestive positions. A download for the photos can be found here – warning NSFW!

BiS nari no Budokan / Budokan a la BiS, the final concert at Yokoyama Arena, was the groups longest ever performance – a total of 48 songs. There were also appearances from past members: Michibayashi Rio, Yokoyama Rina and Nakayama Yukiko.

At the end of the concert, each member spoke of their future:

  • Pour Lui – continue with side project LUI FRONTiC Matsukuma JAPAN
  • Hirano Nozomi and First Summer Uika – would form BILLIE IDLE
  • Kamiya Saki – would form Pla2me (currently GANG PARADE)
  • Koshouji Megumi – would form Maison Book Girl
  • Tentenko – Solo artist/DJ

In true BiS style, they announced that the very next day the now Ex. BiS members would be holding a concert at Shimokitazawa Shelter. Tickets were exclusively sold for 30,000 yen and included an all you can eat buffet, later revealed to be McDonald’s.

And this was the end of BiS.. until 2016

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