Let me sleep Lyrics

The sky’s dyed blue, I close my eyes
Beyond that, it’s dyed black
shaking stars
I stretch out my hand
But there’s only a hazy light
In the unreachable distance

be over many night
the stars are going to somewhere
everyday, I’m the one who’s standing there
Right now, the heart of the world is changing
But one person shouts out
please let me sleep a little more!

The sky’s dyed red
Behind my closed eyes is the night sky
shining stars
It will eventually disappear
But there’s a momentary light
In the far away distance

I look up at the stars covering the sky and make a wish
If only tomorrow could be so kind

be over lonely night
always I’m going to somewhere start to run!
start new days! Finally take that step forwards
Now, I’ll change
don’t cry now change lazy days!
But please!
please let me sleep a little more…