Koshouji Megumi / コショージ メグミ


  • Nickname: Megumon, Coshotan
  • Birthday: September 28, 1993
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 161cm
  • Joined10 November 2013
  • Left: Original disbandment July 2014
  • Lyrics Written: no regret
  • “Spice” of the group

She was a fan of BiS before joining.

When in BiS, she was often teased by fans for her resemebles to the now ex Dempagumi.inc member Mogami Moga, who was also blonde.

After BiS, went on to form Masion Book Girls with former Izumi Mari’s producer Sakurai Kenta.

She is also a DJ under the label EKOMS, the same as Masion Book Girls/

In 2018, with Pour Lui beginning her YouTube career, she began to appear in most videos with other ex members.


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