KiKA FRONT FRONTALE / キカ・フロント・フロンタール


  • Nickname: Kika-nee
  • Birthday: September 18, 1992
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 150cm
  • Joined: September 3 2016 through the BiS reformation audition
  • Audition name: Maina The End
  • Lyrics Written: If Tomorrow Comes, YPP
  • “Role undecided”

Kika grew up in a rural area. From as early as elementary school, she knew she wanted to be an idol. Even though she knew it was likely impossible, she couldn’t give up.

She has always been sporty, playing tennis in school and also loves skiing.

When she entered high school, she became interested in fashion and knew of Kamiya Saki before she was in BiS. When she came to Tokyo, she had the opportunity to meet her and thought she was really cute. She fell in love with her personality, and from there became a huge fan. Shorting after, Saki joined BiS. Kika was only able to see her live a few times before BiS disbanded.

She says that she never had any friends, but always felt fulfilled. She enjoyed having more time to herself, and loved going to the library or watching films.

In university, she was in cover band. She always loved songs with strange lyrics and used to write her own in a notepad she carried. One song she has spoken about, in particular, is called “TRAIN TRAIN JR”, a song about when the air conditioning is on so high it makes your stomach cold.

She says that she has the ability to switch off her emotions.

While working a normal job, before being an idol, she had a terrible boss and would switch off her emotions to deal with him. In this state, she doesn’t show her anger on her face, and is able to stay silent. She says she does it automatically whenever she is annoyed or frustrated, so she doesn’t know how many times she has done this while in BiS.

She loves spicy food, which she usually eats daily. She claims that she is a huge masochist and that she find great pleasure in waking up with abdominal pain from spicy food. Because of this, she loved eating death sauce during the BiS audition.

She also loves alcohol and often posts pictures of her drinking, particularly with cans of beer. During the BiS audition, on the first night when everyone was asleep, she opened a can of beer in front of the camera and silently drank without the other candidates in the room knowing.

Her favourite BiS song is Fly. She loves the song so much that it was the one she sung during the initial reformation audition.

She worked as a baker before, and during the early days of being in BiS. She even did her first interview while wearing her work uniform.

In the first BiS LEAGUE election, July 31, 2018, she came in 5th place, keeping her in BiS2nd. She earned 6,141 votes total. On the 27th July, she attempted to do 10,000 squats while streaming it live to fans. After many hours, she ran out of time and had only completed 6,646 squats total. She made a tearful apology before abruptly ending the stream.

In 2002, she wanted to go to the Hello Pro Kids audition. She really wanted to give everything she could, but her mother told her “Stop saying such stupid things!!” Because of that, she never thought she’d be able to become an idol.

Being a fan of BiSH, she audition during their initial audition but didn’t make it. After failing BiSH, she felt like BiS was the only other group she could fit into.

She joined BiS September 3 2016 through the BiS reformation audition.

On May 18 2018, Kika posted some unsettling tweets about wanting to die. In this series of tweets, she posted lyrics from the song Nichiyoubi Yori no Shisha / 日曜日よりの使者 – The High Lows which is about suicide. Fans were obviously concerned and reached out to her with love and support. She quickly deleted these tweets, and proceeded to go on a tirade of deleting old tweets. She seems to be okay since then.

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