JAM Lyrics

Somehow I feel like I can see what’s ahead
But there’s doesn’t seem to be a seat for me in the future
Try looking at the world diagonally
It’s boring to be someone walking with a cane to the ground

Sometimes I’ll be praised, me, who obediently doesn’t laugh
It must be so exhausting
Shocking morning news, I climb back into bed
I just want to keep sleeping like this

Just where is the self worth that I’ve been searching for?
Clenching my first, suffering in the corner of this narrow room
Have I continued to make mistakes until now?
I guess there’s no way of ever knowing the answer, even though I really should

It’s already gotten colder outside, the wind is blowing
I’m the only one acting so desperately impatient
Despite this, I try using a little slice courage
Living through today for the sake of tomorrow

Sharing the burden with me, without me every asking
What goes around comes around, on parade
A moment full of overwhelming warmth, melting the icicles
Making sure our hands are connected

I will give you it all, because I don’t need the best
Even if no one else stands up, it should shine bright
It’s okay to not try your best, because I’m sharing the heavy burden with you
If you believe in yourself, I wonder if you could keep on walking

Forever, forever, forever
Surely, surely, surely