ITOU MUSENSiTEEBU / イトー・ムセンシティ部

  • Joined: June 11, 2019 (3rd Generation BiS founding member)
  • Height: 153.5cm [x]
  • Lyrics Written: teacher teacher teacher

She grew up in the rural countryside of Niigata with her sister, who she says is a bitch. [x]

She left her home in Niigata and went to Tokyo when she was 15  years old [x] but came home after just 1 week [x]

She’s always loved idols and lived every day wishing to become one, but never had the courage to audition. This caused her to fall into depression and she spent all her time on the internet, on YouTube and Twitter. From here she discovered BiSH and eventually GANG PARADE. She was truly inspired to audition after seeing Yumeno Yua perfom on stage. [x] [x]

She auditioned once before WACK, for a much smaller company, where she failed. She also applied for the 2019 WACK training camp audition. She made it to the second stage of the audition, but ultimately failed. She didn’t leave much of an impression on Watanabe, as he didn’t even remember her. [xFor the BiS audition, instead of talking about her various aspirations like others wew doing, she decided to be completely honest about herself and tell funny stories from her past so Watanabe can actually get to know her. [x]

Despite not trying to achieve it, she has become known by staff as ‘lewd’ after telling them a funny story during the audition process. This story couldn’t be told in her first solo interview due to it’s sexual content. This mysterious story was told in response to the question ‘what’s the worst thing that’s happened in your life so far’ [x]

She became the first member to reach 15,000 followers, thus revealing her bare face, on August 1, 2019 [x]

3rd Generation BiS – Main Group – June 11, 2019 (founding member) (as イトー・ムセンシティ部 / ITOU MUSENSiTEEBU)

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