In a World Where You Can Say ◯◯◯ Campaign

Click here to see the translations of what each member wishes they could say, from inside the book


In a World Where You Can Say ◯◯◯ ~ WACK Love and Courage and 1 Million Yen ~ is the 2019 edition of WACK’s Annual Shibuya Love Campaign, which started with the 2018 ‘Apologise First’ Campaign. This year’s issue features all current WACK members, at the time of publication, photographed around Shibuya, holding handwritten banners of things they wish they could say. The campaign runs from June 16 – June 28, 2019.
To advertise the campaign, large posters of BiSH’s Aina The End and Momoko Gumi Company were displayed on prominent Shibuya buildings, alongside a QR code for details of where to pick up the free magazine – Tower Records, HMV, and TSUTAYA stores nationwide.

In a World Where You Can Say ◯◯◯
WACK Love and Courage and 1 Million Yen Campaign

~ What would you to say ◯◯◯ to get 1 million yen ~
Running from June 16 – 28, 2019, WACK members will appear in various places all over Shibuya, each with their own stamp. This runs from 6pm – 9pm on weekdays and 12pm – 6pm on weekends. Use the stamps from the girls to fill in your booklet.  Those who have collected 10 stamps can GO!! to WACK’s clothing store, MULTiPLE MANiACS (2-20-9-B1, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. During the campaign, the shop will be open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2pm – 8pm). Once there, you need give your own response ◯◯◯ to “In a World Where You Can Say ◯◯◯” (10 stamps are needed for entry. Please note this.) The best word submitted, chosen by WACK (subjected to WACK’s open prejudice and judgement) will be the winner and 
recieve the prize of 1 million yen. Everyone please come join us! ※If there is a large number of applicants with the same winning term, the prize will be divided among those applicants. 

– Direct translation from inside the free magazine, explaining the indepth details of the campaign

105So, in short, to summerise: 
Every day, from June 16 – 28, some WACK members will be hiding at random places around Shibuya
Fans who find them will get their book stamped with that member’s unique sign
Once a fan has 10 stamps in their book, they can go to WACK clothing store, MULTiPLE MANiACS, to enter the competition
To enter, they must give their contact details and write down what they wish they could say
The winner will be chosen by WACK, subjected to their judges own personal tastes
The winner will recieve a prize of 1 million yen
If there are multiple people with the same winning response, the prize will be divded among all of them