HUG ME Lyrics

Hey, hey, hey, I wanna make you all mine
Hey, hey, hey, there’s nothing I can do about it

Get to know me more, hug me more, envy me more
Ah… It’s not enough
Don’t look here or there

I don’t want you to look over there either, only have eyes for me

Come here, come here, come over here, I want you to hug me tight
A relationship of nothing but sweet sweetness is okay with me
You can’t be vague and disappear with a fluffy fluffiness
I’ll let you know a magical spell to make you, just you, happy

Hey, hey, hey, what were you doing yesterday?
I know everything about you, all I want is to squeeze you and cook you, ah… I wanna eat you
Go over there, I’ll get your attention
That girl over there is no good, only have eyes for me

Come here, come here, come over here, be honest with me
It’s tough, it’s tough, I wish I could throw away these feelings of anxiety
It’s bitter, it’s bitter, but sometimes I use this strategy
I’ll cast, I’ll cast a magic spell over you so you’ll never leave me

I don’t care how it turns out, I just wanna be with you
All I want, all I want is to fill the holes in my heart

Come here, come here, come over here, I’ll hug you tight
Nothing but sweet, sweet words between the 2 of us is good with me
Accept that feeling that came softly, softly into your heart
I’ll tell, tell you all about my love that’s so deep you’ll drown in it