Haruna Bad Chiiiin / ハルナ・バッ・チーン


  • Birthday: December 31, 2002
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 150cm (during audition) 151.5cm (after debut)
  • Joined: 17 April 2018, through the 2018 WACK audition
  • Audition name: RisoRiso
  • Previous names: Nanami Haruna / 七海はるな
  • Previous groups: Syuuengo Buppan
  • Lyrics Written: 夜暗い夢
  • Songs Composed: 夜暗い夢
  • Member Colour: Yellow

Haruna’s relationship with her family is better now, but it hasn’t always been good.

Her mother would rarely come home and she would have to look after herself. Her mother would also bring strangers to the house and now she is currently with a “very bad man”.

She also doesn’t think her father likes her very much and she is very nervous around him.

Haruna always hated school and would often run away to her Grandma’s house.

She was bullied by teachers and other students. One teacher even said “you are not worth living” because she was always looking at her phone. After the teacher the brass band club told her that she was the reason why they failed a competition because of her mistake, she ceased all school club activities.

Around this time she became a Yankee (delinquent). She would dye her hair red or blonde, and got into fights.

She is a huge fan of Ayuni D and got a cheki with her after attending a BiSH live in 2017. See image here!

She loves cooking as it helps her distract her mind from other things. From 8pm everyday she has what she calls a “mental break” and depression kicks in. During these times, cooking helps her. She told the interviewer about how she once baked cookies in the middle of the night while crying.

She likes second hand clothes.

Most of her family do not know that she has joined GANG PARADE.

She went to the audition to change her life and she was ready to die if she was eliminated. She said she was tired of living at the time.

During the audition whenever things got tough she remembered the past that was more difficult, and things then seemed easier.

She also claims she can see ghosts.

Her first idol experience was in July 2017 as the yellow member in Syuuengo Buppan / 終演後物販.

She became a member of GANG PARADE after passing the WACK 2018 auditions and debuted 17 April 2018. She considers GANG PARADE as her second family.

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