• Nickname: Hanae / Hanaemon
  • Birthday: December 28
  • Age: Unknown
  • Joined: August 14, 2018 – Founding member

When she was in 4th grade of elementary school, she loved idols like Minimoni and AKB. Her father, however, loved the original BiS and would occasionally go see them live. By the time she properly looked into BiS, they had already disbanded so she learnt about BiSH.

Right now her favourite WACK group is BiSH.

Despite liking more traditional idols when she was younger, she says that if she were an idol, she was much rather perform WACK’s cool style of songs instead of cutesy, typical idol-like songs.

She wants to become number 1 at something, like singing or dancing or chekis, etc. She thinks that if WAgg did something similar to BiS LEAGUE, she would be down at the bottom. While practice with the other WAgg girls, even when just talking, she feels like she’s being buried.

She wants to try absolutely everything to find out what makes her stand out.

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