GO ZEELA / ゴ・ジーラ


  • Nickname: Goji
  • Birthday: August 26, 1994
  • Age: 24
  • Joined: September 3 2016, through the BiS reformation audition
  • Current Groups: BiS, SAiNT SEX
  • Audition name: Yokoyama Hina
  • Lyrics Written: Twisted Grunge, SAY YES, Never Starting Song, Did not
  • “Monster” member

She has spoken about both parents in interviews. Her mother, who she didn’t see much of, was quite unpredictable so there were some scary parts to her. Her father is also strange, she says. He always talks non stop, even if no one is listening.

She admits that she finds it difficult to show emotion, but that is improving the longer she is in BiS. During the BiS audition, in her final appeal time, she apologised that she couldn’t cry like everyone else.

She’s gained a great deal of confidence since joining BiS and is now able to talk a lot more. She has even been able to speak to people out of BiS and has made lots of friends.

She used to be an office worker, and quit to go to the BiS audition just 3 days before it began.

She is a huge fan of Kaiju/Tokusatsu films and TV. Gozeela got her name from fans watching the 4 day live audition process – on the last day she wore a Godzilla T-Shirt, earning her the name.

She is also experienced in Karate, and has been doing it since she was in kindergarten. She said in her initial interview that she didn’t really understand herself, but was able to say with Karate that her soul is strong.

She loves manga by the deceased artist Sakumi Yoshino, Daijiro Morohoshi and Amin Okada. She posts pictures from their works often on her Twitter.

She explained in an interview that she writes her lyrics. When she wrote Twisted Grunge, she send the lyrics to Watanabe to see what he thought. When she woke up, she saw the reply from him saying how dark they are. Sometimes she’s written lyrics that are even too dark for her.

When asked about the meaning of Never Starting Song, she said it’s about how she doesn’t want to die, but also doesn’t want to live. She jokingly said how funerals are really expensive.

In the first BiS LEAGUE election, July 31, 2018, she came in 1st place, keeping her in BiS1st and earning her the role as Captain. This means that she will by the lyricist for the next single. She earned 7,265 votes total.

She originally auditioned for BiSH but didn’t make it.

She joined BiS September 3 2016 through the BiS reformation audition – she came in first place, earning the most points.

Several says before the final BiS LEAGUE announcement, she was also placed in SAiNT SEX, replacing Pour Lui, for the upcoming TIF performance.

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