GANG PARADE Complete History

July 8 – Pla2me / プラニメ announced at 1st Generation BiS’ final live performance at Yokohama Arena. Kamiya Saki was announced as the founding member, along with her cosplay partner, Mizuta Mari (ex-Izukoneko). The group was a collaboration between the brand new formed ‘WACK’ and T-Palette Records. The name of the group comes from the word ‘Planimeter’, which is a device that measures area. With Kamiya Saki being from Kanto, and Mari from Kansai, the name was chosen to signify their joined forces across that regional distance.
August 2 – Pla2me’s first performance was at ‘TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2014″ on – performing [Plastic 2 Mercy]
September 30 – [Plastic 2 Mercy] single released
December 8 – [UNIT] music video released

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2015: + 4 new members / – 1 member
January 30 – [UNIT] single released
March 31Mizuta Mari announces plans to leave group at the end of May. New auditions advertised for both men and women aged 17 – 28
May 31Mizuta Mari officially leaves group. 4 new members added – Inukai MaayaShigusawa AoYumeno Yua, and Yamamachi Miki. Announced name change, coming into effect July 1
June 1 – Name officially changed to POP – the name came from the initials of “Period Of Plastic 2 Mercy”
June 6 – BiSH x POP 200km 24 hour relay marathon
August 4 – [P.O.P] album released
August 4 – [pretty pretty good] music video released
August 9  – Plans for next single announced at the live “Period Of Plastic 2 Mercy” one-man. At the same time, Kamiya Saki announced that she would hereby be suspended indefinitely for ‘breaking rules’. This was likely due to violating the TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL rule against moshing, diving, stage jumping, etc. which both POP and BiSH broke during TIF 2015
October 5 – All ‘dangerous acts’ such as stage diving, moshing, etc. were officially banned at all live shows from here on out
November 24 – [Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky] music video released
December 4Kamiya Saki starts a late night 100km marathon from Fuji-Q Highland to Shimokitazawa SHELTER, where POP would be performing in 24 hours time. If she made it to the venue within the time limit, she could rejoin the group. If not, she would leave permanently
December 5 – POP’s one-man “COME BACK MY…” at Shimokitazawa SHELTER saw Kamiya Saki reach her goal and be allowed back in the group
December 8 – [Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky] single released

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2016: + 4 new members / – 2 members
March 7 – [QUEEN OF POP] music video released
March 14 – [QUEEN OF POP] single released
June 17Name officially changed to GANG PARADE
July 7
– [WE ARE the IDOL] music video released
July 19 – [WE ARE the IDOL] single released
July 20 – At TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL, Shigusawa Ao announces plans to leave group due to lack of family support
August 8Shigusawa Ao officially leaves group
September 15Inukai Maaya goes on haitus due to her father’s declining health
October 1Inukai Maaya officially leaves group
October 2Can Maika joins group at the “Barely Last TOUR” in Nagoya. “GANG PARADE’s 3 Rules” announced – Photography and video recordings are allowed. Diving, lifts, ‘dangerous acts’ are prohibited.
Collective name for fans announced – Playmates / 遊び人
October 6 – SiS members will merge into GANG PARADE during the “Barely Last” tour
November 8 – [Barely Last] album released
November 12 – 3 new members officially join – Coco Partin Coco, Terashima Yuuka, and Yui Ga Dockson
December 3 – All members took part in a marathon competition. Kamiya Saki ran 200km alone. All other 6 members ran in opposition and collectively ran 200km
December 5 – All 7 members finished their respective runs, taking a total of 40 hours
December 14 [Plastic 2 Mercy] music video released 
December 27 [Plastic 2 Mercy] single re-released

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January 27 – Announcement of upcoming join WACK audition – Yumeno Yua and Terashima Yuuka are to take part
March 10 – [FOUL] music video released
March 28 – WACK Audition 2017 begins
April 2
– WACK EXHiBiTiON marks end of company wide audition. GANG PARADE recieve no new members, but it was announced that Kamiya Saki would be going on a rental trade with BiS’s Aya Eightprince. This was originally set to be a temporary trade, until the end of September
April 25 – [FOUL] single released
May 1 – Rental trade officially started. Kamiya Saki moves to BiS. Aya Eightprince joins GANG PARADE
June 5 – [Beyond the Mountain] music video released
July 25 – [Beyond the Mountain] single released
August 6 – During GANG PARADE and BiSH two-man live ‘SORRY!! NEXT BiS ONEMAN is 10.6!!’ it was announced that the rental trade will be indefinitely extended so Kamiya Saki could take part in BiS’s tour finale
October 2 – Shuffle unit SAiNT SEX announced – Yamamachi Miki, Yumeno Yua and Aya Eightprince represent GANG PARADE. [WACK is FXXX] music video released
November 1 – [GANG PARADE] music video released
November 13 – WACK General Election announced – a popularity contest for fans to vote for their favourite. The girl with the most votes would get a solo debut single. Coco Partin Coco promises that if she win 1st place, she will run a 100km marathon. Voting starts December 6.
November 15 – [イミナイウタ] music video released
November 21 – [GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!!] album released
December 6 – [WACK & SCRAMBLES WORKS] album released – featuring WACK classics, covered by different groups/members. Each purchase of the album gives you one vote in the WACK General Election
December 8SAiNT SEX perform live at ‘WACKのフェス。/ WACK Festival’ and dispandment of group announced. Rental trade between Kamiya Saki and Aya Eightprince was given an official end date of March 3, 2018, with “BiS 2nd BEGiNNiNG TOUR FiNAL WHO KiLLED IDOL??” tour on March 4, 2018 acting as a ‘rental closing ceremony’
December 30 – WACK General Election live streamed, votes calculated and announced. GANG PARADE members who ranked in the Top 15 – 5th. Yamamachi Miki (402 votes), 6th. Aya Eightprince (335 votes), 8th. Yumeno Yua (296 votes), 10th. Kamiya Saki (231 votes), 11th. Coco Partin Coco (199 votes), 12th. Can Maika (193 votes) and 14th. Terashima Yuuka (182 votes). Yui Ga Dockson ranked in 16th place, but won a consolation prize in a randomly selected draw and is granted a solo debut single on WACK’s indie label

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2018: + 2 new members
January 29 – Coco Partin Coco announces plans to run 100km marathon, despite coming in 11th place during the General Election. The marathon will take place as be live streamed February 7
February 7
– Coco Partin Coco completes solo marathon
February 9 -[BREAKING THE ROAD] music video released
February 20 – [とろいくらうに食べたい] music video released – song release marks the start of a collaborative campaign with sushi chain ‘Sushi Zanmai’
February 20 – [BREAKING THE ROAD] single released
March 4 – Rental trade between Kamiya Saki and Aya Eightprince officially ends
March 6 – WACK Joint Audition 2018 is announced to take place the following week. Can Maika will be taking part, representing GANG PARADE
March 11 – Sushi Zanmai collaboration ends
March 12 – WACK Joint Audition 2018 begins
March 18 – WACK EXHiBiTiON marks end of company wide audition. 2 new members join GANG PARADE, RisoRiso and Yokoyama Hina – offical debut set for April 17 at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO.  Can Maika earned the fewest points, competeing against other WACK members, so has name changed to Can GP Maika
April 16
– [GANG 2] music video released. 2 new members revealed as Haruna Bad Chiiiin (ex-RisoRiso) and Tsukino Usagi (ex-Yokoyama Hina) and their Twitter accounts went live
April 17 – Official debut of new members at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO
May 24 – [来了] music video released
May 29 – [GANG 2] single released
June 28 – Yui Ga Dockson solo song [Like a virgin] music video and single released
July 20SAiNT SEX announced reformation to perform at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL the following month – Yamamachi Miki, Yumeno Yua and Kamiya Saki
July 26 – New shuffle unit HOLY SHiTS announced – features Can GP Maika. Music video for [WACK is SHiT] released
August 31 – [CAN’T STOP] music video released
September 11 – [CAN’T STOP] single released
October 16Coco Partin Coco and Terashima Yuuka take part in NEGLECT ADULT PATiENTS catwalk show
December 11 – Blu-ray DVD [GANG PARADE one-man live at Zepp Tokyo] released containing live performance and bonus CD of re-recorded tracks
December 24 – [夜暗い夢] music video released
December 31 –  [LAST] music video released

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2019: + 1 new member
January 8 – [LAST GANG PARADE] album released
January 10 – GANG PARADE announce departure from T-Palette Records to Warner Music Japan’s label, FUELED BY MENTAIKO. Major debut single is announced for April 17
February 6 – BULLY IDOL (Billie Idle ‘rival’ group) released [そして、また、、(リミックス)] music video – Kamiya Saki is the sole GANG PARADE member in the group
March 26Yamamachi Miki joins ongoing WACK Joint Audition as mentor, representing GANG PARADE
March 30 – WACK EXHiBiTiON marks end of company wide audition. Naruhaworld (ex-WAgg) is promoted into GANG PARADE. She will debut May 26
March 31 – [ブランニューパレード] music video released
April 17 – [ブランニューパレード] single released
August 25 ~ September 1 – Group starred/appeared in theatre musical “Playhouse” in Tokyo
August 30 – [LOVE COMMUNICATION] music video and digital single released
September 4 – [CHALLENGE the LIMIT TOUR] Live DVD released
September 28 – Group performed “Playhouse” musical in Osaka
October 10 – [らびゅ] music video released
October 23 – Kamiya Saki releases digital solo single [Still…]
November 13 – [LOVE PARADE] album released

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2020: – 2 members
January 3 Kamiya Saki announced plans to leave group on May 22. It was also announced that Tsukino Usagi will be taking part in the WACK Joint Audition 2020
January 29
– [涙のステージ/FiX YOUR TEETH] digital single released
February 20Haruna Bad Chiiiin leaves group suddenly, with no reason given
May 22Kamiya Saki officially leaves group