DA DANCE!! Lyrics

Let’s dance, let’s forget about this morning
Let’s dance, let’s stop caring about our tests

Ah, I fell in love with a guy who’s in love, I’m so unlucky
I’m crying out loud, please listen properly

I’m really worried
I really wrote a lot
A long, long letter to you
And I cried again
And I read again
Aah, there’s so many girly comics

I’ll lock this feeling of excitement away
I’ll keep my feelings of irritation a secret

Let’s dance, let’s twist and turn in a pose like this
Let’s dance, this is how to do it
You get it, right?

I used to like that handsome, smart kid who wore the glasses
Let’s forget such a thing, are you ready?

Really vibrant
Really sparkling
The letter I sent you disappeared
Again, I’ll be sweet
Again, I’ll be charming
And I’ll come flying to you again

You’re really on my mind
I really like you
Ah, I still couldn’t say it, what should I do?
And the bitter macha ice cream that I hate so much
Doesn’t even bother me when I’m with you

Really sweet
Really charming
I flew to where you are
Again, I’ll be vibrant
Again, I’ll be sparkling
When it gets to you
Will I hold onto this feeling of excitement
Even when I don’t get annoyed at you?