CHANTMONKEE / チャントモンキー

  • Joined: June 11, 2019 (3rd Generation BiS founding member)
  • Height: 160.5cm [x]
  • Lyrics written: KAsAbutA / IT’S TOO LATE

She was in a Chatmonchy cover band, where she took the role of guitar and vocals. This helped her get over her fear of singing in public, and she fell in love with performing, much to the suprise of her classmates. [x]

She has an older sister who she would always hide behind – in her words, like a long string of shit hanging out the back of a goldfish. She did all the same things her sister did, which included joining the badminton club in junior high school. She stopped copying her after she started playing the guitar. According to her this was the first time she ever did something using her own free will. [x]

She has a 5 year old [x] cat named Nyantan [x]

She was never interested in idols until she was introduced to BiSH, through a study group she was in  that would always play their music. She especially fell in love with Aina The End’s solo song, and says that may have been what triggered her consciousness to come to the surface. After hearing her song, she tried to write her own lyrics but says that she’s not gifted like Aina is. From there, she started listening to BiS. [x]

She applied for the 2019 WACK training camp audition but failed at the document stages. [x]

After joining WACK, and because of her love for the band, she initially asked to have a Chatmonchy-like name, not thinking that she’d be given the name Chantmonkee. [x]

She became the fourth member to reach 15,000 followers, thus revealing her bare face, on August 2, 2019 – just a little over 2 hours after Neo Trees [x]

3rd Generation BiS – Main Group – June 11, 2019 (founding member) (as チャントモンキー / CHANTMONKEE)

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