These little slices of info have been taken and translated from the Japanese site, I have not personally vertified or found sources for the following information, which is why they are not on the member’s main page. It is also unknown when these facts were given, so they may be out of date.

  • Nickname given by Watanabe: チャモ / Chamo
  • Raised: Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Family: A sister
  • Favourite ramen: うまかっちゃん
  • Favourite bread: Yamazaki’s Hokkaido steamed cheesecake
  • Favourite colour: Light blue
  • Favourite bands: Chatmonchy, Galileo Galilei, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, and CreepHyp
  • Someone you admire: Eriko Hashimoto (Chatmonchy’s guitar/vocals)
  • School club: Badminton in junior high school