Chanbaby / チャンベイビー

  • Birthday: July 23, 2000
  • Age: 21
  • Joined: May 2, 2021 (GO TO THE BEDS)
  • Audition Name: Moshi Moshi-chan / もしもしちゃん
  • Member Colour: Yellow
  • Lyrics Written: プリーズ!!

While in her second year of high school, she was a trainee member of the Yokohama branch of CLEAR’S, a cleaning idol unit, from January to November of 2017. She performed under the name Suzumori Kaho / 鈴森かほ [x]

In 2020, she took part in ‘Project WACK Chin’ online campaign under the name Moshi Moshi-chan / もしもしちゃん. Being successful, she was requested to take part in the 2021 WACK Audition, before being placed into GO TO THE BEDS

During the audition process, and as a member of GO TO THE BEDS, she has spoken about having idol experience in Korea, and can speak Korean

CLEAR’S – Idol Group – January 10, 2017 – November 26, 2017 (as Suzumori Kaho / 鈴森かほ)
GO TO THE BEDS – Idol Group – May 2, 2021 – present day

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