CARRY LOOSE Complete History

June 19 – It was announced that ex-BiS members Pan Luna Leafy, YUiNA EMPiRE, and WAgg member Uruu Ru would form a new group under the temporary name ‘Curry Roux’. The group is a collaboration between WACK and T-Palette Records
August 25Uruu Ru performs for the last time as a member of WAgg and officially leaves to join upcoming Curry Roux
September 4 – Group officially announced with 4 founding members – Pan Luna Leafy, YUiNA EMPiRE, Uruu Ru, and T-Palette Records idol Yumeka Naukana?. Group name officially revealed as ‘CARRY LOOSE’
October 17 – [CARRY LOOSE] music video released
October 22 [CARRY LOOSE] album released
November 2 – Took part in 24 hour long 200km marathon against BiS. CARRY LOOSE won the race
November 24 – BiS performs as CARRY LOOSE’s opening act following the marathon victory

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February 1 – [にんげん] music video released
February 11 – [にんげん] single released