Can GP Maika / キャン・GP・マイカ


  • Birthday: October 6, 1994 
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 156cm
  • Joined: October 2016
  • Real Name: Kaminaga Maika / 神永舞花
  • Current Groups: GANG PARADE, HOLY SHiTS
  • Previous Groups: Shibuya DOMINION
  • Lyrics Written: Close your eyes
  • “Yes We Can” Member
  • Member Colour: Orange

When she was younger, she did dance and gymnastics as she loved being in front of people. She also had piano lessons but quit as she struggled to stay still. She also did cheer leading in elementary school.

During high school she was in the dance club and was even one of the 10 selected out of 50 to perform, but due to her bad grades she didn’t take part in any tournaments.

She would often go to karaoke 3 or 4 times a week.

Maika’s father is a huge Gang Parade fan and sees them live frequently, always having cheki’s taken with all the girls. His favourite member is Yamamachi Miki, but he also has said how he would love to feed gyozas to Haruna. He also praises Yuuka frequently on how she is improving.

Her father and sister are Hello!Project fans so she had been a fan since kindergarten. Her favourite member is Ikuta Erina from Morning Musume ’16.

In 2015, she was an extra in Ressha Sentai ToQger (episode 9) and Kamen Rider Drive (episode 26). She was credited under her real name, Kaminaga Maika/神永舞花.

She has also done modelling work in the past.

She was previously a member of Shibuya DOMINION from 2013 before joining GANG PARADE in 2016.

She originally audition for BiS and BiSH but didn’t pass the document checking stage. GANG PARADE was her 3rd time auditioning for a WACK group. In the audition she sang a song from Matsuura Aya and performed improvised dance.

In GANG PARADE she started as the “perfect idol” character and was considered to be the group’s saviour when she joined. Later she changed her character, being slightly more sexy, to show her true self. She became the focus of a lot of skits the group does during their lives and it was common for her to perform WE ARE the IDOL with a stocking over her head.

During the rental period between Kamiya Saki and Aya Eightprince, she became the main person responsible for choreography.

In 2018, her name was changed from Can Maika to Can GP Maika, following her team loss in the WACK 2018 audition.

She is also a member of the WACK collaboration group HOLY SHiTS.

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