BOND Lyrics

I’ll search all over and collect the stardust from wishes
Relying on them for their little light
I’m reaching out to the nagging anxiety that’s overflowing inside me
Holding onto the slightest reaction

Don’t wake up on this dry morning
These nights are so cold, my chest hurts
I let out a white sigh, my vision is blurry
I didn’t notice the shadow of these tears

I can’t fix myself back to together without any glue
The time we spend together has formed cracks
The picture I imagined of our future
Has been swallowed by this blue universe

I refuse to be so subservient to this maze of emotions
In this season where the cherry blossoms
You kill me with the blade named after the five senses
On that day when I ran so recklessly away

Because I’m so lonely when I’m alone
Please take me away, we’ll be together
But I can’t reach your out stretched hand
Don’t let all that time we spent fade away

I knew of the control tower
But now the future I always imagined
Is nothing more that a jet stream
Blown away by the winds, it’s gone

Don’t go
Don’t leave
Don’t leave me here all alone

I looked through the eye of the telescope
But it didn’t connect with my emotions
It seems that I still can’t forget
As I held on, both trembling hands