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IDOL AND READ Vol.05 – Cent Chihiro Chicchi only
IDOL AND READ Vol.06 – Aina The End only
IDOL AND READ Vol.07 – Momoko Gumi Company only
IDOL AND READ Vol.08 – LingLing only
IDOL AND READ Vol.09 – Hashiyasume Atsuko only
IDOL AND READ Vol.10 – Ayuni D only
IDOL AND READ Vol.14 – Aina The End only
CD Journal April 2018 – Momoko Gumi Company only
• CD Journal July 2018 – LingLing only
CD Journal October 2018 – Aina The End + Cent Chihiro Chicchi only
Weekly Play Boy x TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2016 – Aina The End only
Bollocks No.032 – Cent Chihiro Chicchi only
OVERTURE No.013 – Aina The End, Hashiyasume Atsuko, Ayuni D only
CONTINUE (all listed volumes) – Ayuni D only
RollingStoneJapan Vol.02 – Cent Chihiro Chicchi only
Gekkan Songs July 2018 – Ayuni D, Hashiyasume Atsuko, Cent Chihiro Chicchi, Momoko Gumi Company only
Bass Magazine February 2019 – Ayuni D only
Sound & Recording Magazine April 2019 – Ayuni D only