BiS.LEAGUE Updates – December 9, 2018

On December 9, 2018, Watanabe made some tweets regarding the future of BiS.LEAGUE.


This statement, being so vague, left fans asking a lot of questions. Among all the confusion in the comments, some fans replied with their speculations:

  • The reformation of SiS (the BiS rival group)
  • YUiNA EMPiRE moving back to EMPiRE
  • Members moving into WAgg / swapping with WAgg members
  • Reverse solo debut (last place goes solo)

To clear up questions on what his original tweet meant, Watanabe, still not giving anything away, created a follow up tweet.


While many still remained confused of what this means for the future of BiS, some jumped on the idea that whoever finishes in 1st place will go on to debut as a solo act.


With so many different speculations/ideas out there, what are your predictions?