Apologise First Campaign

Towards the end of June 2018, a giant poster appeared on side of the famous Shibuya 109 building. The poster features all the current members of BiSH, BiS, GANG PARADE, and EMPiRE and text reading “We deeply apologise. We haven’t done anything yet but we’ll apologise first. We make mistakes.”

WACK always loved to poke fun/satire the idol industry. The music video for MURA-MURA, for example – where members all wore bald caps in reference to the infamous apology video from AKB48’s Minegishi Minami who shaved her head and had to apologise for spending a night with Generation’s Alan Shirahama.

Riding on the wave of BiSH’s commercial success and the addition of new members, the campaign is an ideal way to show newer fans who WACK is and to introduce them to the other groups.

To promote the campaign, each of the WACK groups took to the streets of Shibuya to give out free ‘apology books’ that contain images of all the WACK girls saying sorry for something – most of which are typically idol taboos. See the list bellow for each members ‘confession’.


  • Cent Chihiro Chitti – “I’m sorry for having too many boyfriends even though I’m the one who’s allowed to have up to two”
  • Aina The End – “I’m sorry that I like doing it slow”
  • Momoko Gumi Company – “I’m sorry for suddenly leaving to go on a trip”
  • Hashiyasume Atsuko – “I’m sorry, I actually got married to a rich guy”
  • LingLing – “I’m sorry for having a fiancé”
  • Ayuni D – “I’m sorry for not coming home until morning sometimes even though I’m supposed to be the “little sister” character”


  • Kamiya Saki – “I’m sorry for becoming a monk”
  • Yamamachi Miki – “I’m sorry for falsifying my age”
  • Yumeno Yua – “Sorry for getting wild on aphrodisiacs”
  • Can GP Maika – “I had a baby. I’m sorry”
  • Terashima Yuuka – “I’m sorry for falling in love with Eiga Dorobo”
  • Yui ga Dockson – “I’m sorry for exploiting your virgin heart for money”
  • Coco Partin Coco – “I’m sorry for dating Watanabe”
  • Haruna Bacchin – “I’m sorry for leaving my costume behind on the train”
  • Tsukino Ugaki – “I’m sorry for punishing you in the name of the moon”


  • YUKA EMPiRE – “I’m sorry for turning into a gravure idol”
  • YU-Ki EMPiRE – “I’m sorry for disappearing into the night with handsome guys”
  • MiDORiKO EMPiRE – “I’m sorry for barricading myself in the office”
  • MAYU EMPiRE – “I’m sorry for assaulting other members”
  • MAHO EMPiRE – “I’m sorry for having my overnight stay reported”
  • MiKiNA EMPiRE – “I’m sorry for falling in love with one of my fans”


  • Gozeela – “I’m sorry for being improper”
  • Pan Luna Leafy – “I’m sorry for showing up in the tabloids!”
  • Nel Nehru – “I’m sorry for skipping a live to go buy dojinshi”
  • Toriaezu Hana – “I’m sorry I got double-eyelid surgery”


  • Aya Eightprince – “I’m sorry for kissing indiscriminately”
  • Peri Ubu – “I’m sorry for eating food after it fell on the floor”
  • Kika Front Frontal – “I’m sorry that when I take off my shironuri makeup, no one recognises me on the street so I do all kinds of bad things”
  • Muropanako – “I’m sorry for causing all kinds of trouble on Twitter”
  • Mewclub – “I’m sorry my IQ is low”
  • YUiNA EMPiRE – “I’m sorry for falling asleep during a concert”